21.12-22.12, 19:30—02:00 > Kinokabaal: film + feest
Kinokabaal: film + feest
Na anderhalf jaar vol liefdevol ingerichte filmevenementen geeft Kinoautomat feest. Het knusse comfort van de cinemazaal wordt voor een avond ingewisseld voor de dansbare en beatklare muren van In De Ruimte.

Met Kinokabaal levert Kinoautomat een cinefiele ode aan de nacht en diens muzikale geneugten, verdeeld over twee aktes.

De avond ontluikt om 20:30 met de voorstelling van All These Sleepless Nights (2016), een eigenzinnig beeldgedicht dat jammerlijk brede Belgische distributie werd ontzegd. Dit dromerige docudrama glijdt met tederheid doorheen de Poolse Rave-scene om schoonheid onder de blacklights en liefde te midden het basgedrum te onthullen.

De bruisende verbeeldingskracht en spectaculaire synthcomposities van de film vormen het startschot voor een avond ongebreideld feestgenot. Dj’s van dienst zijn Thans en family beaches, twee vrienden van de film en dienaars van de dans. Aan de hand van een kort concert vullen beiden de nacht met verwachtingen, alvorens het feest te laten losbreken met hun zwoele soundscapes en strak gecureerde sets.

Kom en club mee met Kinoautomat voor een avond film plus feest. Travolta-heupgezwaai, Minnelli-musicalmomentjes, Suspiria-achtige dansrituelen en andere door beats behekste belichamingen van de filmgeschiedenis worden meer dan aangemoedigd.

Inkom voor de filmvertoning en de aansluitende concerten is 4 euro, vanaf middernacht kronkel je gratis naar binnen.

20:30 film
22:30 concerten
23:30 feest

Met steun van Alles Kan en Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds.
Visuals door Laura Andriessen.

30.11-5.12 18:00—18:00 > Visual Entropy
Visual Entropy

Solo tentoonstelling van Matthijs Kimpe

Entropie is een maat voor de wanorde of de ontaarding in een systeem, of liever de waarschijnlijkheid van mogelijke configuraties van een toestand.

Matthijs Kimpe zoekt de relatie tussen de traditionele schilderkunst en moderne beeldtechnieken. Zijn schilderijen zijn combinaties van verf, schermen en optische evocaties om de positie van de schilderkunst opnieuw in zijn tegenwoordigheid te onderzoeken.

1Dec 14u tot 18u
2dec 14u tot 18 u

tijdens de week op afspraak 0499422334

23.11-24.11 15:00—03:00 > BCAA System - Right from Here Everything Is Flickering
BCAA System - Right from Here Everything Is Flickering
Next episode of BCAA system's solo exhibition Right From Here Everything Is Flickering takes place in Ghent's In De Ruimte experimental space and will be accompanied by live shows and DJ sets. The entire event will be livestreamed online. First time in Belgium empowered by Slagwerk and PERRON ZES.

▬▬▬▬ ★ LIVESTREAM ★ ▬▬▬▬

BCAA system Liveset (CZ - McLaren Surface & Bilej Kluk)
Kurama (Genome 6.66 Mbp, High Heal)
Dj Buga Liveset (Midlife)
✧ Quintano (Slagwerk - Autotune poetry live set)

▬▬▬▬ ★ AFTERPARTY ★ ▬▬▬▬

Slagwerk Deejays

▬▬▬▬ ★ EXHIBITION ★ ▬▬▬▬

✧ BCAA System presents: Right From Here Everything Is Flickering
✧ Rouxcoucou (VR game)
✧ Stage design by Miel Audenaert & Larpie


The indeterminate traveller cuts the bread of the time-space again. The past inside the present - the future before the past - and all in once. Senses were disrupted, rejected and rebuilt fresh by this new realm. Right From Here Everything Is Flickering is a moment of collective crystallisation of fantasies, a clash between necessity and possibility, a positive binding of threads in mutual caring, an attack of good tension on too tight structures, and above all, a portal for a shared journey against the flow of things. // The exhibition came as a result of broader activities of BCAA system collective. It was created in cooperation with Lucie Lučanská and polish artist tissue.hunter.

The text companion to uncertain planes was written by Lumír Nykl.
Supported by GESTOR ochranný svaz autorský and Foundation for Contemporary Arts Prague.

▬▬▬▬ ★ LOCATION ★ ▬▬▬▬

✧ In De Ruimte
Fransevaart 28
Gent, Belgium

▬▬▬▬ ★ ENTRANCE ★ ▬▬▬▬

Exhibition + Livestream >> FREE
Afterparty >> 21u00 >> 5 EURO

11.11 17:00—21:55 > I.T. > Ohrworm TOUR '18 in spijs!
I.T. > Ohrworm TOUR '18 in spijs!
Kedves THOse,

Please consider the below as important as your dentist deals.
Please don't pass this ball onto just another "next Tuesday".
Just don't fight, struggle or exclaim the procrastination of destination space, which is more then just an inflatable projections of some boy-hood-dreams upcoming to be true.


Live Concert: Junzo Suzuki (Jap) + Fuji (be) + Mik Quantius (De) | OHRWURM TOUR 2018

We are on tour. Come & see Us

‪6 november - Herman - Rotterdam‬

‪7 november - OCCII - Amsterdam‬

‪8 November - Barlok - Brussel‬

‪9 November - Babylon - Westmalle‬

‪10 November - Hotsjumenas De Audio Plant - Antwerpen‬ MrxM

‪11 November - In de ruimte - Gent‬

‪12 november - Audio Plant - recording - Antwerpen‬

As a first act it’s “Junzo Suzuki” from Japan Tokyo (1973)

Recent years, Japanese psychedelic troubadour Suzuki Junzo focused and stripped down with A 21st century drone/space electric-blues sound.. Crystalline guitar passages soaked in reverb and distorted sadness.

After it’s FUJI a total improv band w/ Junzo Suzuki together w/ ‘Mik Quantius’

The German vocal artist Mik Quantius can, after being continuously abducted by aliens, only produce sounds from outer space. Originally Mik Quantius was involved in the metal scene of Koln, but in recent years he joined several avant-garde projects. For instance: he is a member of the legendary German Krautrockband EMBRYO and he took part in ‘Way of the Cross’, an improvisational project of Dave Nuss of the NO NECK BLUES BAND, with musicians like Kuupuu, The Skaters, Stellar Om Source and Kemialliset Yvsatat. Mik Quantius has an enormous vocal range and his diction is occasionally comparable to CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, but a little weirder. Reoccuring are the absurd sounds that fly out of his throat, often touching the treshold of pain. He is a scat maestro, who rather uses his body as an instrument than to sing. The thrilling sounds you will hear during performances of Mik Quantius will remain in your memory for a long time.



Bart Sloow: gitaar (‪‬)
Warre Fungus: Drums (‪‬)
Louis Freres: bas (‪‬)
Special guest: Mik Quantius: Vocals‬

Fuji + Junzo Suzuki:‬


31.10-11.11 13:00—17:00 > Marginalia

Vernissage: 31/10 (14h-...)
Expo: 01/11 - 11/11 (14h- 18h)

Leiepark, 9051 Sint-Denijs-Westrem

Marginalia are illustrations which can be found in the ornamental framework of medieval manuscripts. These hidden drawings show absurd, humorous or even perverted scenes with animistic and spiritual characters.

Marginalia is an outdoors exhibition, hosted by STOCK and InDeRuimte, located in the arcadian landscape of a residential neighborhoud in Sint-Denijs-Westrem. Twenty-one artists are invited to show work in this park.

You are warmly invited to join them in the gardens surrounding an exquisite villa to explore life in the margins, both as condition humaine as well as a quest for relics of the shadows.


Akane Yorita
Bart Van Dijck
Chantal van Rijt
Elisabeth Van Dam
Fia Cielen
Gwenllian Spink
Jerome Gardening Guild
Joke Raes
Jonathan Paepens
Joost Pauwaert
Julie De Kezel
Naomi Gilon
Nick Sanderson
Pieter Jennes
Rosa De Coster
Rūdolfs Štamers
Simon Bultynck
Simon Masschelein
Sibran Sampers
Tine Deboelpaep
Xavier Mary

curated by Koi Persyn

30.10 18:00—21:00 > The Space Lady
The Space Lady
The Space Lady - aka Suzy Soundz - is coming to Ghent! All praise the universe! This beautiful lady was a regular sight on the streets of San Francisco in the late '70s and '80s. Playing an accordion she'd found in a junkshop and a cheap Casiotone keyboard, she was the living embodiment of an Outsider Artist. She is listed, by the Guardian, in the top 101 strangest records on spotify and tours since 2014 the world.

One of our all-time favorite guests, she brings great talent, love, peace and astronomical energies! The work incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit.

be welcome to invite your friends and join the experience!

26.10-27.10 18:00—00:00 > Girls go BOOM: The Witch Edition
Girls go BOOM: The Witch Edition
the world is still shit scared of free women so consider this our halloween special



More witchiness TBA


Manchester based punk grunge band casting spells of angst and agression.


They kissed Satan and they liked it. Just released their first LP "Bedbugs".


New witch on the block.

FLASH TATTOOS BY Pinky.Thumby.Tattoo

Tickets are 6 euro.
Doors at 20h00.

Be there or be cursed

25.10 17:30—21:00 > Consouling Presents: thisquietarmy, Ashtoreth & Innerwoud
Consouling Presents: thisquietarmy, Ashtoreth & Innerwoud
Consouling Presents 'The Body and The Earth' full band release show by thisquietarmy.


After 13 years of roaming the world as a solo-artist and prolific discography of around 50 releases, thisquietarmy has conjured up a band. Fully exploring the new possibilities this configuration entails, he has drafted synths, bass, trumpet and drums to his band. This has vastly expanded the sound palette into surprising territories. thisquietarmy’s eerie soundscapes are still at the core of it all, but the music drifts and fans out in huge way. Mesmerizing as ever, but with an unseen force to engulf the audience in an ebb and flow of aural waves.

« The Body and the Earth », the full band album was recorded and mixed in Montreal by THISQUIETARMY (Eric Quach) with collaborators Charly Buss (bass, trumpet) & Marc-Olivier Germain (synths, drums) at their Montreal studios and mastered by James Plotkin. It will be released worldwide by CONSOULING SOUNDS (Amenra, Wiegedood, Nadja) in September 2018.

thisquietarmy already performs occasionally as a band in the Montreal region. This will be the first time that the expanded line-up format of four musicians on guitars, bass, trumpet, synths and drums will be presented in Europe.

ASHTORETH is a project in a search of a shamanistic perspective, channeling at times minimal, meditativ drones; and at other a catharsis of doom, noise and experimentation touching upon folk, post rock, psychedelica and more. But always in a free form.

Mostly deep drone harmonies, accompanied by a subtile and dark melody. Creating a lyrical sound without lyrics, in the warm shade of Icelandic and Canadian predecessors.

Doors: 19h
Innerwoud: 19:30h
Ashtoreth: 20:15h
thisquietarmy: 21h

€ 10

ticket link:

at the door:
€ 13 ticket

In De Ruimte
Fransevaart 28
9050 Gent


22.10 18:00—20:00 > Fluistersessie: Uberdope - Graag Gedaan
Fluistersessie: Uberdope - Graag Gedaan
Jullie hoorden het waarschijnlijk al van ergens waaien: op 26 oktober verschijnt 'Graag gedaan', de nieuwe plaat van Uberdope. Een meesterwerk dat we zelf met enige zin voor bescheidenheid graag omschrijven als de plaat van het jaar. Wie begrijpelijkerwijs amper kan wachten om dit nieuwe hoofdstuk van jullie favoriete boysband te beluisteren, hoeft echter niet te wachten tot 26 oktober.

Want op 22 oktober heten we jullie allemaal welkom op onze fluistersessie in In De Ruimte. Samen met de goede vriendjes van Fonkel kan je er het hele album integraal beluisteren via koptelefoons, gratis en voor nada uiteraard. Let wel: er zijn een beperkt aantal koptelefoons aanwezig, dus als je je vooraf inschrijft via kan je alvast eentje reserveren.

Daar stopt de goednieuwsshow niet! We gaan ter plekke ook een aantal extreem beestige prijzen verdelen onder de aanwezigen. Hou deze pagina in de gaten voor meer daarover. We zien jullie in In de Ruimte. Graag gedaan.

13.10-14.10 09:00—13:00 > BLUSH (verlengd!)
BLUSH (verlengd!)

DONDERDAG 11/10 : 16.00 - 20.00
VRIJDAG 12/10 : 16:00 - 20:00
ZATERDAG 13/10 : 11.00 - 15.00
ZONDAG 14/10 : 11.00 - 15.00

Fotograaf Thomas Dhanens volgde de afgelopen 3 jaar een groeiende subcultuur die gender en uiterlijke conventies openlijk in vraag stelt. In hun uitgesproken zoektocht naar identiteit doorbreken ze de rigide deuren van wat de norm is. Hun vorm van zelfexpressie is esthetisch erg verregaand en knipoogt naar The New Romantics, een stroming waarbij ook David Bowie zo’n vijftig jaar geleden zijn inspiratie vond. De foto’s van Thomas Dhanens tonen een bewuste keuze van een generatie die zich wil bevrijden van elk debat rond geaardheid en zo een omgeving schept waarin het zijn intens en in vrijheid gevierd kan worden.

PARTNERS: In De Ruimte, De Commerce, Stad Gent & CAMPO

5.10-12.10 16:00—18:00 > BLUSH

VR 5/10
18.00 Vernissage
21.00 Performance Dolly Bing Bing
22.00 DJ's A Forest in the House / Kuryakin / Mistaken for DJ

6/10 tem 14/10
ZA-ZO: 11:00-15:00
MA-VR: 16:00-20:00

Fotograaf Thomas Dhanens volgde de afgelopen 3 jaar een groeiende subcultuur die gender en uiterlijke conventies openlijk in vraag stelt. In hun uitgesproken zoektocht naar identiteit doorbreken ze de rigide deuren van wat de norm is. Hun vorm van zelfexpressie is esthetisch erg verregaand en knipoogt naar The New Romantics, een stroming waarbij ook David Bowie zo’n vijftig jaar geleden zijn inspiratie vond. De foto’s van Thomas Dhanens tonen een bewuste keuze van een generatie die zich wil bevrijden van elk debat rond geaardheid en zo een omgeving schept waarin het zijn intens en in vrijheid gevierd kan worden.

PARTNERS: In De Ruimte, De Commerce, Stad Gent & CAMPO

29.09 17:00—21:59 > CD-Release
Onze eerste CD is een feit!... En we brengen hem voor het eerst Live!
Komt dat horen, komt dat zien!
19h gaan de deuren open, 20.15h (stipt) Cosmo-Time!
Gratis Toegang!

23.09 18:00—20:00 > GENT : HOLY WAVE (USA) + Tonsils
GENT : HOLY WAVE (USA) + Tonsils
Holy Wave (USA)

Holy Wave is a band of multi-instrumentalists from Austin, TX. The band’s sound has evolved into a unique blend of sun baked surf-psychedelia. Holy Wave creates a brand of psych that brings to mind fellow Texans like The 13th Floor Elevators and modern contemporaries like The Black Angels and Night Beats, dyed in carefully constructed noise with an attention to detail echoing the work of shoegaze influences like My Bloody Valentine and Spectrum.

10 ADD, geen VVK, studenten 5 euro

15.09 07:00—16:00 > Rommelmarkt Ledeberg
Rommelmarkt Ledeberg

9.00-18.00: rommelmarkt en kinderanimatie​
10.00-11.00: Fanfare Famba – doorheen de straten
14.30-16.30: Fanfare de Vette Pistons – doorheen de straten

Voor de derde editie van de rommelmarkt hebben de buren zich verenigd in de Kompanie Amfibie 9050. We slaan de handen in elkaar en maken er een nog grotere én fijnere rommelmarkt van dan de voorbije edities.

Verwacht schatten van op zolder, lekkere verpozingen en een enorm gezellig buurtfeest.


Deelnemende straten: Fransevaart, Marie Popelinkaai, Bisschopstraat, Edward Blaesstraat, Harmoniestraat, Onderwijsstraat, Landjuweelstraat

9-21u: een hapje en een drankje … en toiletten voor eenieder

9-18: doorlopend kinderanimatie (met toezicht), springkasteel, spelletjes, schminken, hennatattoo’s

Tot dan?

IN DE RUIMTE, Fransevaart 28,

24.08 16:00—22:00 > Vodka Candy #2 A Bigger Splash
Vodka Candy #2 A Bigger Splash
For the second edition of Vodka Candy, we welcome you to a platonic pool party at In De Ruimte. Joining us with a personal addition to the magazine are Ingrid Castelein (°Deinze, 1953) and Sophie de Smet (°Antwerp, 1995).

Musical guests are épong (MONTAGE) and Beech. Men We Pray For will dj in-between sets.

Vodka Candy is a magazine founded by seven painters, which appears every two months. It is a platform created for the visual works that did not end up on canvas, but which are still autonomous elements within their painterly practices. These painters are
MATTOT Celeste

Designed by VERVLIET Veerle

3.08 18:00—22:01 > Delta~wave with Iku Sakan, Cosmo Knex + Dj Training
Delta~wave with Iku Sakan, Cosmo Knex + Dj Training
delta~wave, EURO2000 & I.T. present:

IKU SAKAN (Osaka, Japan)
Iku Sakan is a Japanese electronic musician and DJ, currently based in Berlin and Osaka. His music focuses predominantly on the potential of emotional developments through repetitive rhythmic patterns, rotating harmonics and resonating melodies. Decades of constantly collecting shifting sound materials, melding improvisation and DJing practices have lead him to create his own unique electronic organism. Sakan has been collaborating with some notable names in the modern music scope: Sun Araw, Frisk Frugt, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Muneomi Senju (ex-Boredoms), Damo Suzuki, among many others.

COSMO KNEX (Antwerp, Belgium)
Antwerp based dj, musician & designer. Runs the Stenze Quo label, is active in Forbidden City and partly responsible for the annual delta~wave festival. Releases music under the name Fyoelk.

DJ TRAINING (Ghent, Belgium)
Runs the EURO2000 Cassette label, designed the flyer for this night and cuts sticky fractal plastics in space.

20.07-26.07 16:00—22:00 > Thematic Residency: Rural Tendencies Tested
Thematic Residency: Rural Tendencies Tested
(19:00 + ) food
(20:00 - 00.00) music & works

exhibition about the signifying tendencies of places, spaces, movements of rural/urban territories.

presented to you by various residents of Reunion Lisbon & local artists

Duke S. (NL) & Wim TJ Segers(BE)

performance & works
Kasper De Vos, Zeynep Kaynar, Sofie Dubs, Sonia Perego, Jonas Vanhullebusch, Ilona Rijkeboer & Inês Cartaxo

more info about the residency & artists below >>


Within the framework of Reunion Lisbon, Į.vorėn T.øręn and In De Ruimte will facilitate a creative research for and with Zeynep Kaynar (TU), Sofie Dubs (FR), Luís Odriozola (ES) & Inês Cartaxo Marques (PT) and various local artists.

During 'Rural Tendencies Tested' the dancers, performers and visual artists will show parts of their research through various artistic remarks within the space of In De Ruimte. On both evenings the residents are accompanied by local artists and experimental musicians.

In between the presentation moments of the 20th and 26th of July, the residents will move across various home-bases, hide-outs and workspaces in, around and beyond In De Ruimte/Ledeberg/Gent in search of different cultures, places, spaces, movements and visual signifiers of rural and urban territories.

Supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian & Kunstencentrum Vooruit



Duke S. (NL)

A rare species of head rushes and quirky shivers...
In the realm of etno-flambo-coloni-yantism.

Wim Segers(BE)

As a vibrafonist, drummer and composer he will deliver:
bright metal spheres supporting the residents in their movement research..
Also known from: Compro Oro music

+++ and on-course: DJ Zwerm=(9050)



Zeynep Kaynar(TU)

There are two fundamental questions for my practice: How does an artist manifests herself/himself through the city ? How does the city manifest and mediate itself in 2D surfaces and 3D spaces through artistic practice ?
My work questions urban dwellings. It is exploration of ways to identify "self" through the relationships with others and how we sustain the space amongst many people, huge buildings and chaotic life in the city.

Sofie Dubs (Cie Trans.d (CH)/Cuerpos Limites)

" SANS TITRES – titre provisoire- "

« We've become imperceptible and clandestine in a motionless journey. Nothing can happen anymore or have happened. No one can do anything for me or against me. My territories are out of reach, and not because they are imaginary, on the contrary: because I am in the process of tracing them. No more big or small wars. No more travelling, always lagging behind. I do not have any secrets anymore, by having lost the face, form and matter. I'm just a line. I have become capable to love, not of an abstract universal love, but the one I will choose, and who will choose me, blind, my double, who has no more of me than me. We escaped out of love and for the love, abandoning love and the self. We are no more than an abstract line, like an arrow crossing the void. Absolute deterritoriali- zation. We’ve become like everyone else, but in the way that nobody can become like everyone else. We’ve painted the world on ourselves, not ourselves on the world. - Thousand Plateaux , "Three news or What happened? ", P. 244 Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, ed. de minuit (french version).

For this new project in collaboration with the dancer Fabio Bergamaschi, Sofie Dubs wants to extend her research on identity by rubbing against a wider skin: the territory one. To this end, they both achieve annual residence of 1 week in total immersion in different territories (urban, rural, industrial, intimate, familiar, foreign...) and in different countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium).
Every year, accompanied by guest artists, they explore the various layers of bodily and territorial identities.

Luís Odriozola(ES) & Inês Cartaxo Marques(PT)

"Tanto Bate até que Fura", what is out of space? Cancel time, undo the idea of ​​beginning, middle and end, knowing that this is a premise, at the beginning, impossible. "(...)

This movie has no end, because every day is repeated " in "Alar da Rede", Michel Giacometti)

The gargoyles bite into the mouths of those who decide to
never to decide, and so to stay indecisive? Seeds of something to sow more
uncertainty. no. less uncertainty. a file of wool and a
file of mother and winter scents. It's a summer inside the
skin of an orange.
an agreement on a border crossing. A dramatic song
which becomes the satire of melodrama.
it is the matter from which fury feeds. and twists and turns
and turns wrapped in valleys, wrapped in bulks. maybe not
more than bulks in the path of extinction. exaltation. deaf sounds
that climb the walls full of wet earth. noise
of patterned fabrics and poets made of wheat.


+++ Musicians (20/7/18)

All the way from Buenos Aires, operating various instruments, pretty archaic, ancestral and yet so in tune with the actual resonance of stock-trading and bird-whistling all around the globe.
The sound and concept is mainly focused on acoustic drone, repetition and minimalism used as a basis to expand the melodic composition.
He creates a unique blend of drone-based jams with strong Indian and Middle-Eastern flavors. Tasty!

Mega Solo Assemble - transfusing energy clouds through megaphones

Jan D'Haene(BE)

Trumpeter with many and more experiences in layering, juxtaposing and modifying the sound through the breath bodily pressure and pedals... expect some ethereal marches, far-out inflation and some Coriolis's swirls..
He has been working for Ballet C de La B, NTGent and more then many projects reaching from drone to gypsy swing.

For those who think of some Indonesian Black Metal band... We're sorry... but not just.. Thé drone-prince -on no donkey- all the way from St. Denijs will make it up with some solid mesopherical tidal continuums blazing from his Shruti box, and harmonium. So, better beware... all you lotus spitting hang-overs!

and off-course::: DJ Slurr::: (9050)


we'll celebrate the conclusion of passed-time.
We'll eat, drink and shake hands.
we'll walk the talk in depth and yet so superficial.
We'll trace back the lost lines which couldn't be uncovered yet.
We'll pinpoint territories and expand your brain.
We'll exchange and present the past memories in personal and collective circles.


Thé Residents


Duke S. (NL)

A rare species of head rushes and quirky shivers...
In the realm of etno-flambo-coloni-yantism.

Wim Segers(BE)

As a vibrafonist, drummer and composer he will deliver:
bright metal spheres supporting the residents in their movement research..
Also known from: Compro Oro music

+++ and on-course: DJ Zwerm=(9050)


(Re)union is an autonomous initiative of young international artists with a strong will to meet peers and promote their works, seeking to understand what moves them currently and providing space for experimentation. Having emerged from an alumni reunion of a Choreographic Creation, Dance Research and Training Program (Forum Dança, Lisbon), (Re)union now expands its reach and welcomes emerging artist who are willing to contribute to a community of artists via self-organized international activities in the performing arts with an interdisciplinary approach.

In De Ruimte:
‘In De Ruimte’ (translated as In The Space) is an independent, artist-led institution and situation where we experiment with artistic practice as a way of doing, thinking and being in order to cultivate, expose and transform our notions of aesthetics, arts, culture and civil involvement.

I.vōrēn T.ōrēn
Gives space and time for performative matters.

29.06-30.06 16:00—03:00 > EXPO Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane (NYC) + Larpie & Thotweiler
EXPO Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane (NYC) + Larpie & Thotweiler
ᴀɴ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴅɪᴤᴄɪᴘʟɪɴᴀʀʏ ᴀʀᴛ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴜᴤɪᴄ ʜᴀᴘᴘᴇɴɪɴɢ

Sourcecode researches contemporary music and visual arts created by inter disciplinairy artists of today. We have invited Travis Egedy AKA Pictureplane (nyc) for a 3 week residency at In De Ruimte where he's working on an amazing mixed media exhibition named 'Cursed Image'. He will present new Alien Body merch. Accompanied by LARPIE & Thotweiler (Miel Audenaert) who will install new never shown before physical artworks and provide the exhibition with a contemporary selected net-based afterparty accompanied by the PERRON ZES team and the cats of SLAGWERK..
U a Cyberhead? don't miss out..
SUBBACULTCHA free < 24h> 5€ !!!


ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇᴘʟᴀɴᴇ (Anticon / Alien Body - NYC)

Travis Egedy is widely known for innitiating the Witch House movement late 00's early 10's. Having an enormous impact on the electronic scene it's no wonder artists like Grimes and Lil Peep called him an inspiration and frequented his friend circle.
We on the other hand selected him for a 3 week residency at In De Ruimte where he will focus on producing physical mixed media silkscreened work, digital prints and new Alien Body custom merch. Don't miss out. Travis will do a 1hour dj set at the opening aswell.


ʟᴀʀᴘɪᴇ & ᴍɪᴇʟ ᴀᴜᴅᴇɴᴀᴇʀᴛ ( PERRON ZES / Slagwerk)

Larpie aka Lars Boelaerts and Miel Audenaert where asked to accompany this cyber happening first off we selected them based on their art practice but it wouldn't be complete w/o letting them do an amazing musical selection and so they did. Hang tight for an amazing visual and music happening supported by their squad of Perron Zes and Slagwerk.



The exhibition is free accessible and opens at 18h on friday 29/06
Art and merch will be available at the exhibition.


Doors 22u, @ In de ruimte, Fransevaart 28 Gent, Free for subba members <24u> 5 euro


ʀᴜɪ ʜᴏ ʙ2ʙ ʙᴜɢᴀ (Genome 6.66 Mbp - DE/CN / Midlife)

Berlin-based Chinese producer RUI HO makes electronic music that bridges modern club influences with traditional Chinese sounds. After releasing their well-received debut EP 'Tales 戰記' in May 2017 on Shanghai-based 'Genome 6.66 Mbp', They have prepared a whole new set of tracks for Lara Rix-Martin's Objects Limited label. 'Becoming Is An Eventful Situation' moves on from the heavy club influence of their first EP, bringing out more melodic and ambient vibes, with percussive elements fulfilling a more supporting role. RUI HO is playing b2b with Brussels based Buga, Part of the midlife crew and dj from Golin


ᴤʟᴀɢᴡᴇʀᴋ + ᴘᴇʀʀᴏɴ ᴢᴇᴤ ᴅᴊᴤ

Epic family b2b session for this special occasion!
--> Terrorriba b2b Otis b2b Quintano
--> Dj Hunid b2b doofpot
--> Mx2yk



- Pictureplane (US - Anticon/Alien body)
- Rui HO (CN/DE - Genome 6.66 Mpb) b2b Buga (Midlife)
- Otis b2b Terrorriba b2b Quintano (Slagwerk)
- Doofpot b2b Dj Hunid (PERRON ZES)
- Mx2yk (PERRON ZES)
- Dj Flex Drink (Sourcecode)


18u00 - 22u00 Dj Flex Drink x Club Void
22u00 - 23u00 Mx2yk
23u00 - 24u00 Pictureplane
24u00 - 01u30 Doofpot b2b Dj Hunid
01u30 - 03u00 Otis b2b Terrorriba b2b Quintano
03u00 - 04u30 Rui HO b2b Buga


Shouts to all the people at In De Ruimte for contributing in one way or another to the venue. A special thanks goes out to Camping Penrose and Chez William for the screenprint opportunities, R.M for making this possible and SUBBACULTCHA for the support.

15.06-24.06 16:00—17:00 > About You - exhibition
About You - exhibition
opening: 15/06 om 18u
finnisage: 24/06 om 19u
doorlopend open van zaterdag tot zondag 14u-18u

Deelnemende kunstenaars:

-Elisabet Sveinsdottir:
-Nicole Twister:
-Viva Dean:
-Elyne Notebaert:
-Stef van Looveren:
-Tabita Rezaire:
-An-josefien Falelavaki:
-Jasmien Bursali:
-Koi Persyn:
-Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe:
-Shalva Nikvashvili & Sascha Bewersdorff

Music/performance by:

-Laurens Marien + Hanne Louisa

+ YOU ?

We willen een openheid creëren ten aanzien van 'anderen' in de algemene zin. Het is voor ons belangrijk dat termen als begrip, inleving en expressie blijven meegroeien met een toekomstideaal.

Door een blik in de wereld te werpen van identiteit geven we het publiek de kans zichzelf te onderzoeken in de hoeveelheid aan expressies. Geen mens is gelijk en elk mens is evenwaardig.

Met de steun van Alles Kan

9.06 17:30—21:00 > PP : Crows & Crowd Of Chairs
PP : Crows & Crowd Of Chairs
Crows (UK)

Snedige postpunk uit Londen. Crows speelde tijdens de Gentse Feesten om 3u in de kinky star.
Mensen die erbij waren kunnen getuigen dat Crows de ultieme livesensatie is.

Voer voor fans van : TRAAMS, Cosmonauts, Bad Breeding, Moshen en Bier (gooien).

Crowd Of Chairs

Zijn klaar om nog eens een bommetje te gooien in 't Gentse.
Sweat baby sweat.

10 ADD

18.05-31.05 17:00—22:00 > Civil Disobedience
Civil Disobedience
Vanaf 15.00 - ?

Van 18 mei tot 3 juni gaat In De Ruimte op zoek naar de grijze zone. De plek waar artistieke ambitie en burgerlijke verantwoordelijkheid elkaar kruisen. Is de huidige politieke, economische en sociale ruimte nog rekbaar en hoe kunnen kunstenaars deze ruimte herindelen?

Civil Disobedience is een oproep naar kunstenaars en burgers om 'protest objecten' te presenteren die aansluiten bij hun eigen visie over het huidige maatschappelijke systeem. We onderzoeken destructieve en utopische visies en alles wat daar tussen valt.

We exposeren een autonome situatie die zich binnen en buiten de expositieruimte begeeft.

Gedurende drie weken vinden er lezingen, workshops, een tentoonstelling en interventies plaats in en rond In De Ruimte en de Vooruit in Gent.

TENTOONSTELLING doorlopend van do - zon van 10u-17u
Met Harmen de Hoop, Eddy Joseph De Buf, Karel de Kleijne, Ontroerend Goed, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Sil Flann Krol, Sarah Lauwaert, Willem De Haan, Marijs Kempynck, Joyce Overheul, Roeland van Trigt, Sam Gunst en Van Der Borght Bjornus
Locatie: In De Ruimte, Franse vaart 28

CODE ROOD workshop
20 mei van 15u tot 19u
Burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid training
Met Liam en Karel de Kleijne
Locatie: In De Ruimte, Franse vaart 28

SPAM (self-service) workshop
Met Sam Gunst
Locatie: Kunstencentrum Vooruit Café

GREY ZONE lezing
26 mei van 15u tot 17u
Met Lara Garcia Diaz, Harmen de Hoop, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert
Locatie: Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Gesteund door Stad Gent en Kunstencentrum Vooruit


Public programme 18.05.2018 - 03.06.2018
Open from Thursday - Sunday

From the 18th of May to the 3rd of June, In De Ruimte will be in search of the grey zone. A place where artistic ambition and civil responsibility collide. Is the current political, economical and social space still malleable and how can artist remodel this space?

Civil disobedience is a call to artists and civilians to present ‘protest object’ that connect to their vision on the current societal system. We investigate destructive and utopian visions and everything in between.

During the manifestation objects will be created in and outside of the exhibition space. The programme consists of an ongoing exhibition, two workshops, a lecture and different interventions in and around In De Ruimte and Vooruit in Ghent.

OPENING 18 mei
With Pieter-Paul Devos solo (Kapitan Korsakov) and Jowan Safadi
Location: In De Ruimte

EXHIBITION ongoing from Thursday till Saturday
With Harmen de Hoop, Eddy Joseph De Buf, Karel de Kleijne, Ontroerend Goed, Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries, Sil Flann Krol, Sarah Lauwaert, Willem De Haan, Marijs Kempynck, Joyce Overheul, Roeland van Trigt, Sam Gunst and Bjornus Van Der Borght
Location: In De Ruimte

CODE ROOD workshop on the 20th of may
Civil disobedience training
With Liam and Karel de Kleijne
Location: In De Ruimte

SPAM (self-service) workshop ongoing
With Sam de Gunst at de Vooruit
Location: Vooruit

THE GREY ZONE lectures on the 26th of May
With Lara Garcia Diaz, Harmen de Hoop and Frank&Robbert
Location: Vooruit

26.05 13:00—15:00 > GREY ZONE lezing
GREY ZONE lezing
Tijdens de lezing GREY ZONE gaan we met Harmen de Hoop, Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert en Lara Garcia Diaz op zoek naar een definite van de grijze zone. Een plaats die tussen de white cube en de publieke ruimte valt waar een uitwisseling, dialoog en/of confrontatie tussen personen tot stand komt. Een plaats waarin de kunsten van grote betekenis kunnen zijn. Deze lezing wordt in het Engels gegeven.

Onderdeel van de tentoonstelling Civil Disobedience at In De Ruimte
Gratis entree

Samen met onderzoekster Lara Garcia Diaz gaan we op zoek naar een formulering van deze grijze zone en wat de relatie is met de publieke ruimte. Om vervolgens aan de hand van case studies, gepresenteerd door kunstenaars Harmen de Hoop en Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert een beter beeld te krijgen van dit gebied.

We proberen een antwoord te zoeken op de vraag hoe een grijze zone kan worden gecreëerd middels de kunsten. Deze lezing wordt gemodereerd door de mede-organisator Adriënne van der Werf van het programma Civil Disobedience en wordt gegeven in het Engels.

Lara Garcia Diaz
is PHD onderzoekster aan het Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) en is onderdeel van de Creative Commons Quest Office (CCQO). Ze doet onderzoek naar duurzame creative arbeid en precaire arbeidsomstandigheden. Tijdens de lezing zal ze dieper ingaan op de theoretische aspecten van de grijze zone en het verschil tussen civiele en burgerlijke ruimtes en plaatsen.

Harmen de Hoop
is een visuele kunstenaar die anonieme en illegale interventies maakt in de publieke ruimte. Hij werkt met de notie van ruimte in de hedendaagse stad, het gedrag van individuen of groepen en de belangenconflicten in de publieke ruimte. Hij vertelt over zijn werk aan de hand van verschillende projecten die hij de afgelopen decennia heeft uitgevoerd.

Robbert&Frank, Frank&Robbert
is een multi-disciplinair kunstenaarsduo uit Gent die een notie van de wereld op een speelse manier verwerken in hun kunstobjecten en performances. Ze werken rondom reizen, branding en politieke constructies en blazen populaire beelden, politieke objecten en boeddhistische mantra’s op wat resulteert in beeldende werken, video’s, performances, interventies, postkaarten en speelgoed-achtige objecten. Ze werken binnen verschillende ruimtes en zoeken de grijze zone meermaals op in hun werk.

During the GREY ZONE lecture we will be in search of a definition of the grey zone with Harmen de Hoop, Frank&Robbert and Lara Garcia Diaz. This place seems to fall in between the white cube and the private space where exchange, dialogue and/or confrontation between persons arise. A place where art can be of significant meaning.

Part of the exhibition Civil Disobedience at In De Ruimte
Free entrance

Together with researcher Lara Garcia Diaz we will discuss the theoretical aspects of this zone and try to formulate it’s relation with civic and civil space. After that case studies are shown by Frank&Robbert and Harmen de Hoop that will be helpful to materialise this grey zone.

During the lecture will try to find answers on how this GREY ZONE can be created through the artistic interventions. This lecture will be moderated by Adriënne van der Werf and is part of the public programme ‘Civil Disobedience’ taking place at In De Ruimte and Kunstencentrum Vooruit and is given in English

Lara Garcia Diaz
is a PHD researcher at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) and is part of the Creative Commons Quest Office (CCQO) led by Pascal Gielen. In her research she focuses on sustainable creative labour and precarious working conditions. During this lecture she will go in-depth in the theoretical aspects of the grey zone and the difference between civil and civic spaces and places.

Harmen de hoop
is a visual artist who makes anonymous and illegal interventions in public space. He works on the notion of ‘place’ in the contemporary city, the behaviour of individuals or groups, and the conflicts of interests in public space. He will tell about his work through different projects he created in the past decennia.

Robbert&Frank, Frank&Robbert
is a multi-disciplinary artist duo from Ghent who work around their notion of the world and translate this in a playful manner throughout their art objects and performances. In their practice they work around meaning-giving and how this varies through different contexts. Themes like travelling, branding and political constructions are a constant within their work and they like to blow up popular images, political objects and Buddhistic mantra’s that can result in a visual artwork, video, performance, intervention, postcard and toy-like objects. Covering the wide arena in which artworks can be shown.

23.05 18:00—21:00 > I.T. > Ikuro Takahashi + Michel Henritzi
I.T. > Ikuro Takahashi + Michel Henritzi

渚にて、シェシズ、不失者、LSD March、カスミトリオ、血と雫にドラマーとして参加。




Guitars, lapsteel & amp. from noise to abstract blues. member of noise unit dust breeders, mile of string & o death jug. regular partner to junko (hijokaïdan), rinji fukuoka (majustsu no niwa) & kumiko karino. played with tetuzi akiyama, aqui avec gabriel, shinichi isohata, masayoshi urabe, chie mukai, jojo hiroshige, ito atsuhiro, mattin, nihilist spasm band ...

20.05 12:30—17:00 > CODE ROOD workshop
CODE ROOD workshop
CODE ROOD workshop
Onderdeel van Civil Disobedience

Karel de Kleijne en Liam zijn burgerlijk ongehoorzaam, maar hoe gebruiken zij kunst én andere strategieën binnen hun activistische praktijk?

Tijdens deze middag gaat architecte en activiste Karel de Kleijne het dialoog aan met de deelnemer en vertelt hoe zij binnen de TU Delft artistieke activistische interventies verricht. Haar lezing eindigt met een overzicht van massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheidsacties.

Vervolgens werkt Liam (samen met Karel) met de groep deelnemers om hen voor te bereiden op grote acties. Ze introduceren systemen van communicatie en besluitvormingsprocessen die gebruikt worden tijdens acties, en zullen fysiek oefenen hoe men met barricades moet omgaan.

14:30 – 15:30
Verhaal van een Ongehoorzame Architect.
De rebelse architect Karel de Kleine, een van de oprichters van de TU Delft Feminists, zal een persoonlijk verhaal delen over haar proces als radicaliserende architect. Beginnend met de "Atmosphere of Change"-performances, satire en andere acties, en hoe dit ontwikkelde tot radicale intersectioneel feministisch activisme, en sluit af met massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheidsacties wat ook de introductie is van de workshop die hierop volgt.

Karel is een geprivilegieerde witte cis-vrouw, wie het bestrijden van onderdrukkende systemen zeer belangrijk vindt. Racisme en seksisme zijn niet welkom. Mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn systemen van onderdrukking te bestrijden of leren te bestrijden zijn wel zeer welkom en van harte uitgenodigd!

Taal: Nederlands. We kunnen fluistervertaling naar Engels faciliteren.

15:45 – 19:00
Actietraining Code Rood
door Karel de Kleijne (zij) en Liam (hij)

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” Martin Luther King.
In het verleden hebben mensen onrechtvaardige wetten gebroken om te vechten voor basis mensenrechten waar sommigen van ons vandaag dag van genieten: zoals het recht als mens behandeld te worden, stemrecht, recht op onderwijs, arbeidsrechten en het weekend.

Vandaag is burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid nog steeds zeer noodzakelijk en wereldwijd toegepast. Sommige mensen zijn gedwongen zich te verzetten omdat onrecht hun land en levens bedreigt, zoals inheemse mensen al generaties vechten aan de frontlinies van kolonialisme, ontbossing en fossiele brandstof mijnbouw. Andere mensen kiezen vanuit een geprivilegieerde positie actief ongehoorzaam te zijn en wetten de breken van koloniale systemen bijvoorbeeld uit solidariteit, omdat: “Injustice somewhere is a threat to injustice everywhere”, of vanuit het besef van urgentie van actie tegen klimaatverandering. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn de klimaatrechtvaardigheid bewegingen Ende Gelände en Code Rood, waar duizenden mensen een aantal van werelds grootste steenkool-infrastructuren betraden en blokkeerden, om systeemverandering en klimaat rechtvaardigheid te eisen.

Deze training zal een korte introductie geven tot massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid klimaat acties zoals Ende Gelände en Code Rood. We introduceren de systemen van communicatie en besluitvormingsprocessen die gebruikt worden tijdens acties, en zullen fysiek oefenen hoe blokkades kunnen worden omzeild.

Over de trainers:
Karel (zij) en Liam (hij) zijn beiden ervaren in klimaatacties en trainingen. Ze representeren ‘Stroomversnellers”, een Nederlands trainerscollectief van sociale bewegingen en activisten, en “Code Rood”, de Nederlandse massale burgerlijke ongehoorzaamheid klimaatactie collectief dat geïntroduceerd wordt tijdens de training.

De locaties van de lezing en training zijn gelijkvloers en geschikt voor mensen in een rolstoel. Rolstoelvriendelijke w.c. niet nog toegankelijk, update volgt.

Taal: Nederlands/Engels, afhankelijk van de groep. We kunnen ook zorgen voor fluistervertaling.

Onderdeel van het programma Civil Disobedience



Part of the exhibition Civil Disobedience

14:30 – 15:30
Story of a Disobedient Architect
The rebel architect Karel de Kleine, one of the co-founders of the TU Delft Feminists, will share the personal story of her process as a radicalizing architect. Starting with the "Atmosphere of Change"-performances, satire and other actions, and how this evolved into radical intersectional feminist climate-activism, ending with mass civil disobedience actions, which is also the introduction of the workshop that follows.

Karel is a privileged white cis-female, and who thinks fighting forms of oppression is very important. Racism and sexism are not welcome. People who are interested in fighting/ learning how to fight systems of oppression and are very welcome and warmly invited to join!

Language: Dutch. We can provide English whisper translation

15:45 – 19:00
CODE ROOD Action training
by Karel de Kleijne (she) and Liam (he)

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” Martin Luther King.
In the past people have disobeyed unjust laws to demand the basic human rights that some of us enjoy today, such as the right to be treated as a human being, the right to vote, the right to education, working rights and the weekend.

Today, civil disobedience is still very much necessary and used all over the world. Some people are forced to, because injustice is threatening their lands and lives, for example indigenous people who are fighting for generations on the frontlines of colonialism, deforestation and fossil fuel mining industry. Other people choose to disobey from a privileged position the same systems of oppression in solidarity, because they know: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to injustice everywhere”, and the know we need action against climate change, for example the climate justice movements Ende Gelände and Code Rood where thousands of people entered and block some of the world’s largest coal-mining infrastructures to demand system change and climate justice.

This training will give a short introduction to mass civil disobedient climate actions like Ende Gelande and Code Rood. We introduce the systems of communication and decision-making processes that are used during actions, and we will physically practice together how to create a blockade.

About the trainers:
Karel (she) and Liam (he) are both experienced with climate actions and trainings. They represent ‘Stroomversnellers”, a Dutch trainers-collective of social movements and activists, and “Code Rood”, the dutch mass civil disobedient climate action collective that will be introduced during the training.

The location of the talk and training will be on the ground floor and are wheelchair accessible. We are working on a wheelchair accessible toilet, which is at the moment not available.

18.05 17:00—20:00 > Pieter-Paul Devos & Jowan Safadi
Pieter-Paul Devos & Jowan Safadi
Pieter-paul Devos, alom bekend subversief, voorvechter van alles wat écht is en onderdeel van Kapitan Korsakov en Raketkanon komt een solo optreden geven in de ruimte.

Daarboven hebben we tevens een internationale (Palestijnse) gast op bezoek, جوان صفدي jowan safadi, het meest bekend voor zijn sarcastische protestsongs van provocatieve aard.

Deze concerten maken deel uit van Civil Disobedience -

Jowan Safadi: 20u
Pieter-Paul Devos: 21u

13.05 13:00—16:00 > Psychonauten In Gesprek -leesclub #1: The Joyous Cosmology
Psychonauten In Gesprek -leesclub #1: The Joyous Cosmology
Kunnen psychedelica ons tot een dieper inzicht brengen? Leiden ze ons naar een ander bewustzijnsniveau dat men als mystiek of zelfs als religieus kan bestempelen? Alan Watts, Britse filosoof en theoloog, denkt van wel. In The Joyous Cosmology argumenteert hij op basis van zijn persoonlijke experimenten met LSD, mescaline en psilocybine dat deze stoffen toegang verschaffen tot transcendente bewustzijnsvormen- althans op voorwaarde dat de psychonaut niet louter tript voor kicks maar diepe filosofische reflecties koppelt aan zijn/haar gebruik.

Hoe zien die reflecties eruit en hoe kunnen we onszelf daarin oefenen? Is er dan echt geen verschil tussen sommige trips, meditatieve staten van bewustzijn en religieuze ervaringen? Het boek geeft antwoorden, maar werpt eveneens vragen op. Op 13 mei komt de Psychonauten In Gesprek-leesclub voor de eerste keer samen om al deze vragen en meer te bespreken. Koffie en thee wordt voorzien.

Voor wie het boek nog niet heeft, een PDF vind je via een simpele google search. Wie een fysieke kopie verlangt kan deze voor een schappelijk prijsje aanschaffen op velerlei webwinkels.

Inschrijven via is verplicht! Maximaal 15 leden. First come, first serve.

Afspraak om 15u. Het evenement zal plaatsvinden in In De Ruimte (Fransevaart 28, 9050 Gent).

Dit evenement is gratis.

11.05-13.05 22:00—10:00 > The Feeling is Fluid
The Feeling is Fluid
12th of May 12u-20u (Queerly Beloved afterwards)
13th of May 12u-22u (extra: 15u-18u Psychonauten In Gesprek -leesclub #1: The Joyous Cosmology)

This expo is a dreamy attempt to create an open space for the sharing of perspectives, a storytelling and a reflection on a more sensitive, poetic and spiritual mode of being and relating- within the self, relationships and society.

Femininity is here drawn as an age long inspiration for embracing the intuitive, sensitive and thoughtful; it is the energy that finds within us the force to objectify the dynamics of linear time, success and ego-driven reality, which gifts us a mono reality especially imposed by capitalism and patriarchy.

The expo is much about allowing the subjective- embracing one`s emotion, curiosity and intuition beyond the linear, vertical, all-private reality. It both gives space to the fantasy and investigates its existing borderlines, at times also trying to figure how the poetic elements here associated with the feminine energy could become more and more a part of our collective current.

I wish to bring together artists, makers, wizards, to share their reflection on the elements that make us both vulnerable and alive. The expo will happen outside of genres, with the material blending with the performative, giving room to any expression.

It will not be a vernissage but a space for feelings and stories that for a moment come together. It will be life expanding and shrinking, happening spontaneously. Perhaps no party with free wine but a place you can explore out of time, contribute to, occupy, sleep and and study in if you wish.

Background artwork: 'water is a womb' by Weronika Zalewska

12.05 19:00—22:30 > Queerly Beloved
Queerly Beloved

✨5 performers make their debut In De Ruimte
Join a night of drag queen entertainment and playing with gender!

🚪Doors: 20h
💄Showtime: 21h
🎉Afterparty: 22h30-...
DJ-set by Toxic Cheerleaders and more TBA

DRESS CODE (optional):
drag queen / king // gender b(l)ending // clubkid

This is a free, public event

Get cosy in our intimate venue for a sensational night filled with self expression and queerness 💋

7.05-11.05 18:00—20:00 > Long arms | extended
Long arms | extended
Dramaproject of Stine Sampers

(long arms) (extended)

(long arms) (extended) contains images of:
extremities outstretched, yearning for an embrace or a willingness to support
the possible restraints of your roots
a desire for togetherness tips and falls into
Arms, hands, S f L i I n P g P e A r G s E that lift, support, pull, and claw...
Scratching your skin in an act OF passion, or getting underneath it, to incense.
A headlock or the amicable arm slung around your shoulders as you walk togetherdreaming.
Following up on Stine’s (long arms) one year ago, the research ventures further to include the multitudes within ourselves, t i d a l i t y, an affinity between the internet and polyamory, AND a ‘constant boycott of ready-made systems + of ourselves’.


Matilda Cobanli (Canada, 1995) studied contemporary dance at Modus Operandi (Vancouver) and is now in her second year at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria). Lately her practice has included long distance love/art making, particularly in collaboration with Layla Marcelle Mrozowski (USA).

Stine Sampers (Belgium, 1993) studied Art History while working and exhibiting as a visual artist, mainly using photography as a medium. She is currently finishing her bachelors in dramatic arts at KASK Drama (Ghent, Belgium). Having danced intensively from age 8 until 18 and building up some experience as an actress in film, she is now researching different ways of combining visual and (live) performative arts within her own practice.

Stine and Matilda met in Brussels in spring 2017. They share an engagement towards building a platform for a feminist queer circle founded in Brussels and maintained online and through sporadic live meetings. Their interest lies with feminist theory and practice, the arts and building an imagination surrounding intimacy and relationships as a strategy of resistance/resilience.

After an initial meeting in November 2017, this project has been developed and rehearsed mainly through the use of Skype and PiratePad (similar to GoogleDocs). Matilda would visit Belgium every six weeks or so and they would continue their virtual research within the context of Circle Meetings as proposed by Stine, in addition to other more informal meetings. A Circle is a scored group meeting that delivers a range of materials for discussion, such as text, music, choreography, location, etc. The scores can be prepared beforehand and are often tweaked during the Circle. Sometimes they unravel and become something else. The Circles include varying constellations of participants and different conversational methods and settings, as well as ‘off score’ moments that can be seen as breaks from the score but also as instances to reflect on the course of the Circle.

Thanks to Tom Engels, Mieja Hollevoet, Bauke Lievens, Robert Monchen, Ann Deconynck, Robin Brettar, Maïly Charlotte Deveny Nathan Anna Franziska Mitch (close circle), KASK drama and Minor Performance (Heike Langsdorf, Hans Bryssinck, Dorien Iris Joanneke Manon Senne Rosie), Janyce, Bandi, Eftychia, Julyen, Layla, Bruce, Maya, Samuli, Jadwiga, Tamar, everyone who ever attended and helped with Circle Scores, lovers and friends.

Location: In De Ruimte, Fransevaart 28, 9050 Gent

The performance is playing on:
Monday 7 May 2018 at 20:00
Tuesday 8 May 2018 at 20:00
Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 20:00
Thursday 10 May 2018 at 20:00
Friday 11 May 2018 at 19:00

RESERVATION (up to 4 hours before the performance on

Tickets: 5€ (standard) | 3€ (students, unemployed, 65+ en staff and alumni School of Arts) | 0€ (students, teachers en alumni KASK DRAMA, jury)

6.05 10:00—18:00 > WOOD IN SPACE II w/ Toecutter
WOOD IN SPACE II w/ Toecutter
WOOD IN SPACE II : a sunday afternoon filled with Art & Music (Breakcore, Jungle, Idm, Glitch, Experimental, Noise, etc.)

12.00 till 20.00







+ surprise act!

live art
La Mauntagne
De Kapitein
Sam thdk
Hannes Legrand
LOCATION: In De Ruimte - Franse Vaart 28 Gent

the venue is located in a residential area, so due to issues w/ neighbours: ⋄INSIDE = INSIDE⋄
No worries there's plenty of space, chill-out spots, food & drinks inside!
ATM-machine (BNP Paribas) right around the corner, so get your cash in advance !
☬ TOECUTTER merchandise
☬ (vegan) food by Seriously Dough
☬ deco by De Kapitein
☬ visuals by Felix Ysenbaert (Spacemakers)

5.05 18:30—22:00 > De Brassers In De Ruimte
De Brassers In De Ruimte
De brassers was een opstandige coldwaveband uit de vroege jaren 80 met de cultsingle ‘En toen was er niets meer’ als bekendste wapenfeit. Eind 1982 is het inderdaad reeds afgelopen met de brassers: problemen met politie en justitie. En toen was er lange tijd niets meer … Maar sinds 2000 treden de Brassers sporadisch weer op. Mediawatcher en filmmaker Marc Didden noemt hen in De Morgen “nog steeds de stijlvolste aller stoorzenders”.
En op 5 mei 2018 staan De Brassers dus 'In De Ruimte'. In De Ruimte is een onafhankelijke muziek- en expositieplek in Gent (Ledeberg). Ideale omgeving voor de brasserssound.
Tickets nu verkrijgbaar!
VVK 8 € (+1€ servicekost) - ADK 10 €
In De Ruimte is een kleine zaal met een beperkt aantal plaatsen. Reserveren is aangeraden als je erbij wilt zijn

31.03 17:00—20:00 > AEOHH presents Jpegmafia / Optimis GFN / Le Crabe / Daisy Mortem
AEOHH presents Jpegmafia / Optimis GFN / Le Crabe / Daisy Mortem
A night where different worlds collide - space - noise - punk and hiphop become one - United States and France meet in Ghent - Come and enjoy the freshness -

with the help of Chez William Screenprint Co. and All Eyes On Hip Hop

JPEGMAFIA (noise hiphop - Deathbomb arc / us)

Optimis GFN (hiphop - I had an accident / us)

Le Crabe (noise hiphop - BRK / fr)

Daisy Mortem (electro punk - fr)

Free 🆓 for Subbacultcha Belgium members 👊

9.03-18.03 17:00—17:00 > Ultimate Paint
Ultimate Paint
Deze expositie koestert het ongewone,

een duel met de norm van beeldtaal.

Met werken van:

Tom Poelmans
Jolijn Baeckelandt
Maxim Ryckaerts
Dominiek Colpaert
Sidney Aelbrecht
Felix Baele

17.03 19:30—21:00 > You Are There And I Am Here
You Are There And I Am Here
MASDA + Bobby Lichnit : You Are There And I Am Here

MASDA is een band die zich situeert binnen het post-rock genre, maar daar zich ogenschijnlijk niets van aan trekt.
Robert Lichnit is een soort atavisme dat als een verknipte zonderling op een podium belandt.
MASDA & Bobby Lichnit samen brengen geluid en beeld.

> Maart 17, 2018 . 20:30
> In De Ruimte, Gent. Franse Vaart 28, 9050 Gent
> Vrije bijdrage

9.03 18:30—22:30 > Bagudebastard // In De Ruimte
Bagudebastard // In De Ruimte
Jordan BaguDeba, singer/songwriter, producer & animator.

The project started with compositions, songs and beats made by Jordan, but it finally turned into a band in 2017.

The keywords are "Spacy, whimsical and groovy" ->Call it Bastard soul!

Vrije bijdrage (richtprijs) 4euro


7.03-8.03 18:30—00:00 > UMM ☾☾ In De Ruimte ☾☾ Gent
UMM ☾☾ In De Ruimte ☾☾ Gent
UMM viert het einde van de EP-opnames In De Ruimte en licht een tip van de sluier op. Full-set + Afterparty!

Martijn De Bondt (DJ): 19u30-20u30
UMM: 20u30-21u30
Jacobin: 22u-22u30
De Bondt+van Asselbergh (B2B): 22u30-.........

»UMM betovert met experimenteel afgekruide pop. Ingrediënten zijn welgemikte grooves door hoekige ritmes, intrigerende songstructuren, prominente synths en zijdezachte mysterieuze vocals. Warpaint loert om de hoek en Wild Beasts knikt goedkeurend mee.«

Martijn De Bondt aka MarcelDeSlak aka TangoTits

Inkom: vrije bijdrage (richtprijs 4eur) • Gratis voor funders van UMM's EP
Funders? Wat, hoezo? ➥

Kom dansen!!

24.02 17:00—22:00 > Mosaic Presents
Mosaic Presents
23.02 19:00—22:00 > Tubelight release-show w/ El Yunque & Mostly Whites
Tubelight release-show w/ El Yunque & Mostly Whites

Tubelight is een 5-delig post-punk outfit afkomstig van de stallen van Diest bestaande uit Lee Swinnen (Double Veterans), Bart Baele (Speedozer), Bart Weyens (Statue), Wouter Theunis (ex-The Prospects) en Mick Swinnen (van the all new Ero Guro). Ze brengen poëtische zever ondersteund door een (on)gezonde dosis neurotische dissonantie. Kortom een hedendaagse interpretatie van de DIY obscure 70’s punk perfect voor freaks ’n’ nerds die graag een avond van muzikale bitterheid ervaren. Turn on, tune in ’n’ drop out.

*** EL YUNQUE ***

combination of prodigious improvisation and near-autistic noiserock-patterns.


Predominantly caucasians.

20u00 Doors
20u30 Mostly Whites
21u00 El Yunque
21u30 Tubelight
22u30 Curfew

Damage : 5 EURO
Place: In De Ruimte, Gent

16.02-18.02 17:00—17:00 > Art Group Exhibition: Quinten De Bruyn—Orlando Gruwez—Shirley Villavicencio
Art Group Exhibition: Quinten De Bruyn—Orlando Gruwez—Shirley Villavicencio

Quinten de Bruyn, Orlando Gruwez & Shirley Villavicencio stellen hun werk tentoon in In de Ruimte.


The new project of One Man Party ::

'Haka' - a live show by Steve Slingeneyer (WWWater) on the drums/ vocal and Nic Roseeuw (De Dolfijntjes XL) on the bass-sax/ german flute/vocals

On the decks:
Tobi Jonson and Oscar Pilchard

Save the date!

18.02 14:00—17:00 > TG Gondard, Piyojo, Simiskina + Xavier Quérel
TG Gondard, Piyojo, Simiskina + Xavier Quérel
Į.vorėn T.øręn, In De Ruimte en Art Cinema OFFoff presenteren:
'There Will Be Some Things Popping',
een matinee met muziek en film.

TG Gondard, een Franse muzikant en filmmaker woonachtig in Brussel, opent de matinee met grillige lo-fi synth pop. Hij toert momenteel met zijn onlangs verschenen album Avontuur II. Hij toont tevens een selectie van recent audiovisueel werk, waaronder 'Dans La Ford Sierra'.

De Nederlandse producer en kunstenaar Piyojo volgt met sample-gedreven, IDM-achtige melodieën. Afgelopen jaar bracht hij een album en een EP uit. Die EP, Live Recordings Restored By Zachte Man, werd toen opgepikt door THUMP, het VICE kanaal gewijd aan elektronische muziek en cultuur!

Simiskina, een duo (Adrian Myhr en Jonas Cambien) gevestigd in Oslo, sluiten de matinee af, improviserend met dynamische ritmische patronen, geprepareerde piano en contrabas. Hun recentelijk uitgebrachte, ongetitelde debuutalbum betrekt zo elementen van hedendaagse klassieke muziek en jazz.

Live wordt Simiskina vergezeld door de Franse filmmaker, kunstenaar Xavier Quérel, die “visuals” voorziet aan de hand van een 16mm projector en lichten. (Zijn METAMKINE-collega Christophe Auger nam in oktober deel aan To Be Alive, OFFoff's evenement rond “expanded cinema”.)

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

TG Gondard, a French musician residing in Brussels, will start off the matinee with quirky lo-fi synth pop. He's currently on tour for his recently released album Avontuur II. A visual artist too, he will show some of his latest video work.

Dutch producer and artist Piyojo follows up with sample-based, IDM-like pop. Last year, he released an album and an EP. That EP, titled 'Live Recordings Restored By Zachte Man', was picked up by THUMP, the electronic music and culture channel from VICE. Let's see what he has in store for this year!

Simiskina, an Oslo-based duo, pick up elements from contemporary classical music and jazz in their improvisations. They recently released their debut album on the Portuguese label Clean Feed. The self-titled album consists of ten minimalistic acoustic improvisations, characterized by dynamic rhythmic patterns, prepared piano and double bass.

Live, Simsikina will be accompanied by the French filmmaker and visual artist Xavier Quérel, providing visuals with a 16mm projector and lights. He co-founded L'Atelier MTK, a collective film laboratory. (His METAMKINE-colleague Christophe Auger recently participated in OFFoff's event about ‘expanded cinema', To Be Alive.)

15:00 : TG Gondard (FR)
16:00 : Piyojo (NL)
17:00 : Simiskina (NO/BE) + Xavier Quérel (FR)

Entrance is free; but a contribution is certainly welcome!

Graphics by Fru Pintér

11.02 18:30—21:30 > The Myrrors (US) & Public Psyche
The Myrrors (US) & Public Psyche
The Myrrors is één van Amerika's beste psych bands.
Sterke songs die overweldigend binnenkomen dankzij hun unieke sound waar zowel plaats is voor psych als wereldse klanken.

Public Psyche is Gents spannendste band van het moment.
Stap mee in hun onderwereld en laat ze je het benauwd krijgen.
Donker, meeslepend, broeierig. Zet uw geest open en laat je in vervoering brengen.

vvk 10
add 14

Start 20u
End 22u

Hosted by : Night Birds - Purple Panda - In De Ruimte

9.02-11.02 18:00—15:00 > Of Nooit In De Ruimte
Of Nooit In De Ruimte
In 2017 koppelden we* dertien kunstenaars aan dertien huiskamers onder de naam Thans Of Nooit. Thans speelde de muzikale spil in de ontmoeting tussen bewoners en genodigden enerzijds en de maker en diens werk anderzijds. Met Of Nooit verlaten we de houtgetinte huiskamers en nodigen we dit toevallige collectief samen uit In De (openbare) Ruimte. Thematisch divers, vormelijk uiteenlopend, onoverzichtelijk, chaotisch; slechts verbonden door de gezamenlijke geschiedenis.

Met werk van:
Katia Tkach
Jore Dierckx
Bárbara Prada
Louise Degraeve
Fien Cox
Yonas Seyoum
Joke Van Den Hof
Janes Zeghers
Louis Verlinde
Laura Andriessen
Judith Herman
Fie Malem
Evelien Vervecken

*Gecureerd door Stan Antheunis, Romina Cucchiara en Jens Van Lathem


Vrijdag 9 februari, (P)ARTY
19u00 Vernissage
22u00 Liveset Kunde
23u00 DJ-set door DJ Onbekwaam

Zaterdag 10 februari, ACTIES
14u-00u Expo doorlopend
17u-22u Performances van Louis Verlinde, Janes Zeghers en Thans

Zondag 11 februari, LAZY SUNDAY
11u-16u Expo doorlopend
12u45-15u Film: 'Millenium Mambo', met inleiding van Kinoautomat


Gratis toegang (vrije bijdrage)
Zeefdrukken door Medicament
Bring your own merch
Met dank aan In De Ruimte, Alles Kan, Stad Gent


To encounter is to affect and be affected, infect and be infected; envelop and be enveloped. Even in the extreme of solitude, encountering is not to, extrinsically, collide with someone else, but to experiment with the distance that seperates us, and fly over this distance in a crazy back-and-forth.
-Peter Pál Pelbart

1.02-4.02 17:00—20:00 > Heir–Könynck EXPO Sibran Sampers
Heir–Könynck EXPO Sibran Sampers
Donderdag 1 feb. opening vanaf 18u.
Vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag van 14 tot 18u.


De geschiedenis herhaalt zichzelf, eerst als tragedie, vervolgens als farce. – Karl Marx

In de tentoonstelling HEIR – KÖNYNCK lijkt Sibran Sampers (°1991) ons de artefacten van een verloren beschaving te tonen. Geprepareerde hazenvellen en -scalpen in vitrinekasten trekken de aandacht en roepen herinneringen op aan een tribaal en gewelddadig verleden. Maar de stukken zijn vals en hebben geen historische of etnografische waarde. Ze werden gemaakt in het heden en dienen voor de toekomst. Een kroon wacht immers altijd op een staatshoofd van formaat. Aan de hand van een totemistische verbeelding en een zeker cultuurpessimisme laat Sampers de macabere schoonheid van de huiden contrasteren met de politieke actualiteit. Waar lijkt de kunstenaar zich op voor te bereiden? Het ergste? Of het koningschap?

History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce. – Karl Marx

In the exposition HEIR – KÖNYNCK it seems as if Sibran Sampers (°1991) is showing us the artifacts of a lost civilisation. Preserved hare skins and scalps in display cabinets draw the attention and recall a tribal and violent past. Nevertheless, the pieces are false and have no historical or ethnographical value. They were made in the present and will serve in the future. After all, a crown is always waiting for a significant head of state. By means of a totemistic imagination and a certain amount of cultural pessimism, Sampers puts the morbid beauty of the skins in contrast with the political topicality. What is the artist preparing for? The worst? Or kingship?

27.01 19:00—22:00 > Cosmic Slime Presents: KING DICK Release Party w/ Floris Bates
Cosmic Slime Presents: KING DICK Release Party w/ Floris Bates
Making sure that you'll start 2018 in the best way possible, we have a great Cosmic Slime party coming up in January. So come dance away those winter blues with us!


Ahh, where to begin with this one? Wim De Busser is a man of many talents: he's a succesful jazz musician, composer, Antwerp night shop connoisseur and has performed with Zita Swoon Group, Helmut Lotti, Emiliana Torrini and many more. In 2015, he started his solo-project King Dick, labeled as lo-fi psych pop or, a bit more precise, oompah-trash pop. The first two albums, New King Dick and KD-Time, are hard to describe but easy to love. We already had a sneak preview of the third album, KDIII, and we're super psyched to celebrate the birth of the only royal baby that matters. Live, he's joined by members of The Hickey Underworld, Bed Rugs and Gruppo Di Pawlowski. Anyone who's ever been to one of their shows, already knows this is something very special to look forward to.

<3 Floris Bates (NL)

To warm up your sweet hearts, we invited Floris Bates and his rented friends. Trained as a composer of classical music, he now makes catchy pop tunes with tropical 80's reverb vibes, which, according to his label Geertruida, "sound like Andrew Lloyd Webber on adderall while crying over his lost toyboy". The latest EP Celebrity Sex Tape dates from 2015 but his debut album should be on its way soon.

Mark your calendars and start counting the days!

Fransevaart 28, Gent
Free donation (€5) to support the bands xxx
Subbacultcha members get in for frrree <3

22.01 18:00—22:00 > Space Jam/ Paper Jam
Space Jam/ Paper Jam
Third Edition! No more blue mondays! This event is free and open to the public. Guests are welcome to bring an instrument to participate in the jams or listen and observe the tunes and songs in a close-up and casual environment.

Each month, various musicians from the local community, as well as visitors, are welcome to gather throughout the venue. After catching up and choosing a key, the music begins until the "last call for tunes"...

We provide a basic set up; pa-installation, drum, bas amplifier, guitar amplifier (really basic), mics and last but not least some free drinks for the musicians!

Paper Jam, a collaborative drawing session, open to all. A live feed from a webcam set up under a glass table will be projected onto the stage enabling participants to improvise live visuals to the music, allowing the musicians in turn to interpret these projections in their own way.

A workspace will be provided with tables, an overhead projector, and some basic drawing materials and tools, though participants are encouraged to bring their own.

Paper Jam is open to anyone, but especially those wishing to experiment within the medium of drawing and graphic medium and/or those wishing to explore the relation between visual art and sonic environment.

- Please share and care -

31.12-1.01 22:50—06:00 > New Area ( SOLD OUT )
New Area ( SOLD OUT )
“Peoples, artists and poets! If you wish to recover the sacred source of your own mythology and your own inspiration, the time has come to reunite yourselves within the historic bowels of our space, to ring once more the symbolic bell of your imaginative independence, and, holding aloft in one hand your dignity, and in the other the courage, to defy the storm of obscurantism that is threatening our country! Loose the blinding lightning of your anger and the avenging thunder of your paranoiac inspiration - dance till the sun wakes your souls”

㋡ A New Area ㋡ 2018 ㋡ Be part of the space continuum ㋡ Let's celebrate with friends and family! ㋡


Dj Jonastronaut (
Brings some amazing afrofunk, vintage afrosoul and long forgotten afro hit singles. By emphasising aesthetics, he seduces the crowd into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the afrodisiac of music history. If this man could live again, he would be a recordstore.

Mix Monster Menno (STUFF)
Master of turntablism - supporting the underground since late 90ties - magic hands behind DJ Grazzhoppa's DJ Bigband, Uberdope and STUFF.

Felix Claus (Splḗn -
Vinyl guru and mastermind behind Splḗn. Felix is the alchemist who brews the p of pleasure into the party. He is the dream dancer behind the wheels of music!

BLACK MAMBA (Studio Brussel, Mamba Nights)
Brings a eclectic mix of personal favorites and classic party starters. Spinning tracks that can be broadly labeled as ‘urban’, Black Mamba moves between R&B classics, new school hip hop, future beats and refreshing remixes.


The space provides - you may not get what you want, but you get what you need


Invitation Only (keep an eye on our event - invitations will follow) - limited capacity -private event - complete silence outside - respect the neighborhood - love each other -

29.12 19:00—22:00 > The Body Electric - Alchemistische Seance
The Body Electric - Alchemistische Seance
Van en met:
Jürgen De Blonde
Kurt Vandendriessche
Sibran Sampers

The Body Electric.
Een alchemistische improvisatie.
Een invitatie tot associatie.
Een exploratie van observatie.

Een verkenning van de zintuigen als kosmische antenne, tussen micro- en macrowereld. Een zoektocht naar de ruimte in de ruimte.

De machine in de mens. De mens in de geest. De geest uit de fles. De fles als lege ruimte. Hol en resonant.

We nodigen je uit je mee te laten nemen op de intrigerende zoektocht van de alchemistische vorser. Uitkomst gegarandeerd, resultaat onbestemd.

19.12 18:30—20:30 > Sound Like Theatre (performance + workshop)
Sound Like Theatre (performance + workshop)
'Sound Like Theatre' a vocal exploration by Karolina Micuła, Ilona Krawczyk and Olga Kunicka (PL)

Doors 19u30
Starts at 20u00
Ends at 21u30

Artistic Intervention

With the use of voice-movement actions, affective sounds, songs, breath, silence and musical elements of language we are exploring the possibilities of constructing sound theatre. Through such an artistic research we aim to emphasise what is hidden in the voice beyond meaning of words, and what is universal in vocal expression of human beings on the level of emotional and social communication.

Our performance will be finalized with a vocal workshop which is dedicated not only for singers but for anyone who delights in the freedom to experiment and expand the borders of their own voice. We would encourage vocal exploration through exercises and improvisations. Be welcome!

6.12 18:00—21:00 > Sonic Jesus & Sunflower
Sonic Jesus & Sunflower
🐼 Sonic Jesus 🐼 (fuzz club)

Italiaanse Psych helden op het label van Fuzz Club. Maakten vooral een verpletterende indruk met hun debuutplaat 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' en de split lp met Black Angels.
Hun laatste plaat dateert van dit jaar waar de hevige psychedelica plaats moest maken voor hitgevoelige shoegaze.
Live naar 't schijnt een intense beleving, we zijn benieuwd.

🌞 Sunflower 🌞

Belgische postpunk met dreampop en 80's invloeden waar dromerigheid en een volle sound centraal staat. Het debuut optreden op de Brugse voorronde van Westtalent (14/10) werd goed ontvangen met een plaats in de finale als gevolg. Daarbovenop komt de eerste single, samen met een videoclip, uit begin november

10 ADD

3.12 19:00—22:00 > Topanga + kolektiv live In De Ruimte
Topanga + kolektiv live In De Ruimte
'Oddball toytown keyboard refrains, flatulent bass and boppy riddims before a riot 'grrrl shouty chick' steps up - the keys get atonal and weirder and all in all it's great stuff – melt Banana meets Ut meets Huggy Bear – the keys really lift things coming in like cut price can via Craig Scanlon's work on The Man Whose Head Expanded... like this very much.'

'Solos are masturbation and melody is overrated. we’re sick of four to the floor. somewhere between tool, thrice and deftones is where we play. who we are doesn’t matter, what does is the kolektiv.'

1.12-3.12 15:00—22:00 > Spaceshop / Open Ateliers / Makersmarkt
Spaceshop / Open Ateliers / Makersmarkt
Spaceshop gaat open! Dagelijks tot 23u!

SPACESHOP / Makersmarkt
Hier kan je allerlei orginele kunstobjecten, edities, zines, tapes, lp's, prints, kleren en goodies terugvinden. Unieke cadeau's voor jong en oud! Kom een kijkje nemen tussen het aanbod van lokale makers en designers: orgineel, creatief én duurzaam!

Open Ateliers!
XOX, Mmmmar, Lutherie Sur Mesure, Riemer van Dalen, Matthijs Kimpe, Houtbaar, Į.vorėn T.øręn, Bar Apollo, Camping Penrose, 1STE VERDIEP en Chez William Screenprint Co.

Openingsconcert vrijdag: Billions of Comrades + Cola

Vervolgens op zaterdag:
van 16u tot 20u
Matthias Mayz Yzebaert - Club Mayz
vanaf 20u
Nagløed en Lamar

En tot slot op zondag:
van 14u tot 18u
Insein Radio
vanaf 20u

#Dontwastexmassonchina #kooplokaal #koopbelgisch #spaceistheplace #artisteditions #makersbovenfakers #hetgoedevoorbeeld #kerstmarkt #latenightshop #nightshop

2.12 18:30—21:30 > Nagloed / Lamar
Nagloed / Lamar
is een Gents trio dat invloeden uit jazz en pop samenbrengt in een sfeervolle mix van gitaar, keys, drums en elektronica. De band nam in februari 2017 een EP op en werkt intussen naarstig verder aan nieuwe nummers. Met hun huidige materiaal kunnen ze de luisteraar trakteren op een set van een uur die subtiele soundscapes afwisselt met grooves en hier en daar ruimte voor een solo of de zwoele stem van Dillian Fevry.

is een Gents improvisatie trio bestaande uit Mathias Van de Wiele (el./acoustic guitar, horn), Artan Buleshkaj (electric guitar) en Laurens Van Bouwelen (drums, electronics). Hun muziek is zo eclectisch als hun achtergrond. Een mix van contrasten, abstracte patronen, klare melodieën, soundscapes, effectgeladen improvisaties en een akoestische balans.

1.12 19:00—21:00 > Billions of Comrades + Cola
Billions of Comrades + Cola
► Cola (usa) ◄ (20.00 u)

COLA is a psyche rock/ art pop band from San Jose, California. The band's debut album "Great Taste EP" was released on SNAFU Family records in 2017. They're on a European tour in december that brings them to In De Ruimte.

► Billions of Comrades (be)◄ (21.00 u)

Stemming from the Brussels DIY scene in 2011, Billions of Comrades mashes up organic sounds and Tenori-On synth beats to release an electro math pop energy. A direct, energetic and experimental blend that will make your head and hips wave.

Damage: 5€ (free donation)

26.11 19:00—22:00 > Dinner, Alien Observer & Jannis Noya Makrigiannis
Dinner, Alien Observer & Jannis Noya Makrigiannis
20u00 Jannis Noya Makrigiannis
20u45 Alien Observer
21u30 Dinner

• Dinner •

Op 26 november houdt Anders Rhedin halt in Gent.
Voordien was hij ook lid van The Choir Of Young Believers en producer voor onder meer Kid Cudi.
Daarnaast is Dinner ook beschermeling van onder andere Mac Demarco, want zo leerden we hem kennen, als support van Mac's vorige tour.
Verwacht je aan een avond van uiterst dansbare 80's pop met een knipoog naar Depeche Mode en The Psychedelic Furs.

• Alien Observer •

Als support kozen we voor Alien Observer, Laurens Mariën (ex-Soldiers Heart, Dolly Bing Bing) maakt frisse doch donkere electronica songs. Surf mee op de chille donkere vibes van Laurens.
(From instrumental to cheesy from pop to noise, hard, soft,to soft, shit,minimal, atmospheric,…)

• Jannis Noya Makrigiannis

Is de bezieler van Choir Of Young Believers waar Anders Rhedin ook bij betrokken was. Deze Deense mulit-instrumentalist reist en speelt mee bij Dinner.

ADD 10

25.11 18:30—23:00 > 4 SPOOR ROUW/ RAUW
4 vierspoor

4 kunstenaars exposeren telkens met 2 of 4 werken, die werken worden dan door de 4 dichters en 4 muzikanten (dus 1 dichter en 1 kunstenaar 1 muzikant) omgevormd tot een gedicht dat live gebracht wordt- meestal is dat een nummertje van een paar minuten.

De dichter treed ook nog die avond een 10 tal minuten solo op en de muzikant een 30 tal minuten


Frederik Lucien de Laere (venijnig gebroed)
Denis vercruysse (venijnig gebroed)
Albrecht b doemlicht (venijnig gebroed)

Ruben De Somer


IJ (jdb + ivk) BE

raxil4 (UK)

mika goedrijk (BE tmo) side-project van

engerling ensemble (BE)


Stefan Schreel (De Vlucht van het aambeeld)
Aline Gorsen
Lukas verstraete
Vladimir Ivaneanu (

19.11 18:30—21:30 > Ultimate Painting & Poppel
Ultimate Painting & Poppel
Exclusive Gent show from 60s guitar pop aficionados James Hoare (Veronica Falls, Proper Ornaments) and Jack Cooper (Mazes, solo). Ultimate Painting are simple but effective with their lo-fi guitars and catchy but unfussy melodies
Live, the band alternates between beautiful harmonies and intricate guitar solos. A treat not to be missed!

Support by Poppel
Poppel is a jangle dream pop band from Belgium. They released a tape called couldn’t care less and an EP called Alright.

PLUS live painting by Shirley Villavicencio

Poster by Valentine Gallardo
lidmaatschap via ticketlink, add 13 euro lidmaatschap Purple Panda

18.11-19.11 19:30—00:00 > MagischDenken #1: Fetter, Moving Sigils, Thavmatvrgist, DJ Skerm
MagischDenken #1: Fetter, Moving Sigils, Thavmatvrgist, DJ Skerm
Electronic Music shows by

- Fetter(NL)

With foggy, stumbling synthetic rhythms and tenderly woven vocal tapestries, Fetter produces layer by layer a haunting, arresting noise-pop.

Her warm voice guiding you through a saturated wilderness, Fetter's sound bridges the lo-fi surrealness of experimental electronics with the drama and magnetism of pop. Combined with her colorful self-made visuals, Fetter’s live sets are totally bewitching and hypnotic.

- Moving Sigils (NL)

Get ready for something really special. Moving sigils is a project by digital artist / filmmaker Alexander Mangel and musician / composer Sjoerd Leijten, in which they develop an audiovisual feedback instrument. Images influencing sounds and vice versa. They are in the middle of the artistic and coding process. At In De Ruimte they will give the first Belgium demonstration of their system and performance, in which audio programming environment SuperCollider and game engine Unity are used.

moving sigils is made possible by the Creative Industry Stimulation Fund.

- Thavmatvrgist + visuals by VJ Autocorrect (BE)

Combine a visual post internet avant gardist with a electronic music rebel. Oggy Records initiator Oscar Wyers will perform under his Thavmatvrgist moniker and will play a special live set, deconstructing and editting his own productions on the fly. This performance will be the soundtrack to the visual fantasmagorics of VJ Autocorrect.

- Records by DJ Skerm

8.11 19:00—22:00 > FAKA - Kim Berly - Dolly Bing Bing
FAKA - Kim Berly - Dolly Bing Bing
Subbacultcha presents: FAKA + Kim Berly + Dolly Bing Bing

This evening features three very danceable artists. First up, FAKA which is two individuals – Fela Gucci and Desire Marea – with a message: a queer South African performance art duo that addresses the issues of the young black queer body. Their mesmerising music brings together the weird jungle in which The Residents also happen to reside on the weekends with insanely danceable vogue and Afro electronic beats from big cities. Also on the bill is Dolly Bing Bing, a glamorous alien popstar created and impersonated by artist and dancer Elisabeth Van Dam. Kim Berly – Sheniqua World Tour no more – completes the evening making you drop and duck walk all through one of the coolest spaces in Ghent.

20.00 doors
21. 15 Kim Berly
22.00 FAKA

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21.10 12:00—16:00 > Kunstenparcours Ledeberg
Kunstenparcours Ledeberg
KUNSTENPARCOURS LEDEBERG op zaterdag 21 oktober 2017, 14u - 18u
Aäron Willem, Ann Verdonck, Bieke Quaghebeur, Céline Hudréaux, Chantal Pollier, Charel Pycke, Chris Despriet, Dries Celis, Gunther Moriau, Ilse Selhorst, Inez Louwagie, Jan Peeters, Jeroen Janssen, Karel Liefooghe, Karel Wouters, Lieven D’Huyvetter, Marc De Clercq, Monali Meher, Saar De Buysere, Ship of Fools, Steven Van Hasten, Vladimir Ivaneanu
Er zijn verschillende locaties: startpunt in Trouwzaal van Dienstencentrum Ledeberg (Yolda-documentaire), De Moskee, In De Ruimte, bij kunstenaars thuis…
Slotconcert met Kapinga Gysel en muzikanten In De Ruimte
i.s.m. Moskee Ledeberg en financiële steun van de Stad Gent
De toegang is gratis, maar graag inschrijven, zodat we jullie extra kunnen verwennen: of 0497/ 68 98 03

16.10 17:00—21:00 > Space Jam
Space Jam
No more blue mondays! This event is free and open to the public. Guests are welcome to bring an instrument to participate in the jams or listen and observe the tunes and songs in a close-up and casual environment.

Each month, various musicians from the local community, as well as visitors, are welcome to gather throughout the venue. After catching up and choosing a key, the music begins until the "last call for tunes"...

We provide a basic set up; pa-installation, drum, bas amplifier, guitar amplifier (really basic), mics and last but not least some free drinks for the musicians!

- Please share and care -

14.10 17:00—21:55 > Lede Hills 9 0 5 0 with Kraus / Chantler+Lunds / David Edren e.m
Lede Hills 9 0 5 0 with Kraus / Chantler+Lunds / David Edren e.m

> KERM Records presents KRAUS

> Social Harmony presents "Electronic Gamelan Music"
taperelease by David Edren

> Euro2000 presents PULGASARI

> STROOM presents NSRD - 'Workshop For The Restoration Of
Unfelt Feelings' EXPO + LP release


A focal point at the greyzone of a city… that is sometimes enough to give an underground a kick in its face. Since a couple of years the common ground In De Ruimte serves as the perfect generator for a clusterfuck of shows, expo’s graphic experiment and labels. Lede Hills 9 0 5 0 is a such a celebration of 5 imagineers from the Ghentian Underground.

12.10 18:00—22:00 > FÄR - "Salute" Releaseshow w/ Onmens & Mathlovsky
FÄR - "Salute" Releaseshow w/ Onmens & Mathlovsky
On October 12th, the evening before the official release day of our debut album "SALUTE", we're throwing one hell of a party with acts we genuinely love.

!! The record will be xxxclusively for sale (one day before the release hits the masses!) on CD and 12" vinyl!!

Let's have a wonderfull night with
Mathlovsky -------------
Hard hitting beats and the hair of a god.

Our favorite Belgian band. Think Thunderdome/noise/guitar/wearing Natalia's forehead as a mask to a 5 year old children's party. Who would want to miss that? Not me, bitch.

Yours truely. After working our asses off for almost a year it's time to finally unveil our Consouling Sounds debut.
Let the darkness swallow you whole.

5€ vrije bijdrage

<3 This evening was made possible with the support of TOTUM <3
Crushing subs and audio excellence by Chaos AV - Audiovisual & Artistic Services

2.10 17:30—20:30 > Guttersnipe (uk) / Lemones / Christophe Clébard / Dj Kerm
Guttersnipe (uk) / Lemones / Christophe Clébard / Dj Kerm
Prepping the car in Brxhell to drive to GENT and meet up with Guttersnipe.
Curfew is at 22h (possible to take the train back and see it all)
This event takes place at In de Ruimte (Fransevaart 28, 9050, Gent) and is organised by Swallowing Helmets

Extreme noise rock duo from Leeds. Disrupted rock compositions on electric guitar, prepared drum kit, electronics and dual vocals. New-Wave-Of-British-Hysterical-Mania.

“Queer absurdist no wave noise rock abstract freak out. This is hard bop right here!” – Maximumrocknroll

Young professionals coming out without neck- or dick extensions. The Lemones make nasty, gripping noise while screaming poetic thoughts.

Solo doom-disco-dance-punk project, recalling the punishing groove of Martin Rev and Suicide. His music is undeniably groovy and puts the listener into a trance while his punishing vocal assault sends one on a dark psychic odyssey.

+ Dj Kerm that will make you kerm on the dancefloor!

23.09 08:00—20:00 > Fleamarket/ Arts/ Crafts
Fleamarket/ Arts/ Crafts
Buurtfeest en rommelmarkt in de Fransevaart!

Het einde van de zomer en het begin van een nieuwe editie In De Ruimte. Wij, en onze lieve buren, nodigen jullie van harte uit om een hapje/drankje te komen nuttigen. We zorgen voor een streepje muziek, live-tekensessies, een kijkje achter de schermen en zoveel meer.

Deelname is gratis
Live schildersessie door Shurleey
Pannenkoeken door de buurvrouw
Terras bij zonnig weer
Open workshop door Houtbaar
Veel moois te koop van Mmmmar, Camping Penrose, Zeefdruk Chez William, XOX, 1STE VERDIEP, ...
Bring your own instrument! Open podium!

Wil je graag plaatsje reserveren voor de rommelmarkt?

23.09 11:00—18:00 > Summer to Fall — Open Studio Day
Summer to Fall — Open Studio Day
Celebrate the last days of summer



Publication / Tape / Artist prints / Hand printed clothing

/FAILED PRINTS (Round prices 5€/10€/15€)

Participating artist/TBA

Chez William

+++ Cold Club Mate and Cult.


11.09 18:00—21:00 > Cosmic Slime Nite #4 Gomme, Mane & Venus Tropicaux
Cosmic Slime Nite #4 Gomme, Mane & Venus Tropicaux
Psyched to announce our next slime nite!!! Time to take our creep cult to the next level with a line up that would even make the devil dance.

☠ Gomme (FR)
Gomme is a goth post punk band made up of a San Franciscan, a Viennoise, and a Parisian; two Virgos and a Sagittarius, and three cat lovers. They are influenced by Wire, Sonic Youth, Kleenex, The Spits, and Bauhaus.

Based in San Francisco, MANE is a 2-piece of women weaving lush, harsh, deep tones into strange melodies. Featuring harmonies and distorted instruments, they’re a mixture of guitar, bass, electric and live drums. Newly signed to Hellbent Booking, MANE is now looking to unleash their debut, self-produced, full-length record, Alpha Female, in 2017.

☠ Venus Tropicaux (NL)
Venus Tropicaux is gusto, squalor, delirium, bliss and mischief in all its raw, unfiltered noisy brilliance. These Rotterdam post-punk firebrands create a deliciously haywire pocket universe to call their own. Abrasive and hook-heavy, cheeky and austere, Venus Tropicaux is an equation that by any means shouldn’t make sense, but somehow does because of the unique chemistry between three individuals.

ϟϟϟ Tickets are €6,66 at the door (or free donation) ϟϟϟ
We open at 20h so be there in time <3

In De Ruimte
Fransevaart 28, 9000 Ghent

8.09 19:00—21:30 > The Almighty Mighty (Try Out)
The Almighty Mighty (Try Out)
The Almighty Mighty @ In De Ruimte (Try Out).

26.07 16:30—17:45 > Yoga-modeltekensessie
Een sessie waarbij vereniging van lichaam en geest plaats kan vinden, dit samen met tekenkunst. Startend met het lichaam, die gedurende een 60-tal minuten verschillende posities aanneemt, wordt er geleidelijk aan een harmonie met de geest gecreëerd. De poses vormen het uitgangspunt voor de tekensessie. Met een focus op de ademhaling komt men dieper in de houdingen en nemen zo ook transities plaats. Tijdens deze yogasessie nemen we de tijd om grenzen te verkennen en te verleggen. Door yogaprincipes te vertalen naar tekenen ontstaat een boeiend tekenproces. Met je geest registreer je, zonder oordeel.

Je kan zowel opteren voor een combinatie tussen het tekenen en de yogasessie, alsook is het mogelijk om één van beiden te kiezen.

- yoga: matje/ handdoek
- tekenen: tekengerei

Kosten: Vrije bijdrage

Max. Aantal deelnemers 25
Bevestig je deelname door je op dit event aanwezig te zetten!

Deze sessie gebeurt onder professionele begeleiding.

1.07-2.07 18:00—01:00 > De Sorry-Partij at In De Ruimte
De Sorry-Partij at In De Ruimte
Welcome at the partij of the excuse! Sorry will kick off the summer with a tour through Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. It releases things and it generates images, sessions, foods and performances with the latest findings.

Prep-talk / AMP - Bodyscrub - Extase / Jo Kmo - Renée van Trier/ Keep Shtum - Venster / LY Foulidis CD-release - Gabriela González/ Special - De Lotuseters - Piyojo - Fyoelk (Stenze Quo)

Chaos Yoga / presentatie - Nonlocal Researchers/ video - Quanta Qualia/ collages - Phorea / jewels


22.06 18:00—21:30 > Girls go BOOM & Cosmic Slime: Shit Girlfriend (UK) + Annabel Lee
Girls go BOOM & Cosmic Slime: Shit Girlfriend (UK) + Annabel Lee
Cosmic Slime & Girls go BOOM present to you: another awesome gig.

And oh yeah, Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes is coming.


Whilst on a trip to LA, London-based BFF's Natalie Chahal & Laura-Mary Carter were eating tacos outside the Playboy Mansion on Valentines Day, and came up with the concept of Shit Girlfriend - a DIY period-punk femme explosion meets the sticking out tongue emoji.

Shit Girlfriend is a way of life. Shit Girlfriend does not overthink. Everything is natural. The conception, songwriting, production, visuals - all the output is as DIY as you can get, and all conceived and delivered within an extremely short timeframe. The process is intense. The result is raw and real music that should be enjoyed by those who wish to have a good time, inspired in equal parts by an experimental Tinder experience, The Flying Lizards, Sonic Youth and Shampoo.

Shit Girlfriend is playing their very first Belgian show on their very first EU tour. Yey.

support by Annabel Lee

Annabel Lee is a garage pop outfit that has no qualms ploughing into grunge or punk when heads start bobbing somewhat too sluggishly. Beyond sounding absolutely badass, this modern western moniker alludes to a fierce femininity that won’t think twice before throwing kicks right where it hurts, only to smile melancholically at the sun minutes later.


Bring your friends/neighbors/enemies/aunts/cats/lovers/mailman

16.06 18:00—21:55 > Subbacultcha presents Ray Fuego (SMIB) + UMI
Subbacultcha presents Ray Fuego (SMIB) + UMI
FRI 16 JUNE | In De Ruimte, Ghent

20u45 UMI, BE

21u30 Ray Fuego (SMIB), NL

22u00 - till late DJ ICY FAKE

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16.06 16:30—21:30 > MMENC - EXPO
Opening presenting the graduation works of:

Merel Van De Casteele
Merel Cremers
Eva Dinneweth
Nora De Decker
Celien Deschacht


Friday June 16th

In de Ruimte
Fransevaart 28
9050 Gent

14.06 16:30—17:45 > Yoga-modeltekensessie

In deze sessie worden houdingen langer vastgehouden en verenigen we op die manier lichaam en de geest met de tekenkunst. Startend met het lichaam, die gedurende een +/- 60-tal minuten verschillende posities aanneemt, wordt er geleidelijk aan een harmonie met de geest gecreëerd. Deze poses vormen het uitgangspunt voor de tekensessie. Met een focus op de ademhaling komt men dieper in de houdingen en nemen zo ook transities plaats. Tijdens deze yin-yoga sessie nemen we de tijd om grenzen te verkennen en te verleggen. Door yogaprincipes te vertalen naar tekenen ontstaat een boeiend tekenproces. Met je geest registreer je, zonder oordeel.

Je kan zowel opteren voor een combinatie tussen het tekenen en de yoga-sessie, alsook is het mogelijk om één van beiden te kiezen.

- yoga: matje
(of handdoek bij mooi weer, want dan is het buiten in het gras)
- tekenen: houtskool, potloden, schetspapier/tekenblok,…
(eigen materiaal of wij bieden ook materiaal aan)

Kosten: Vrije bijdrage

Max. Aantal deelnemers 25.
Inschrijven kan door te mailen naar

Deze sessie gebeurt onder professionele begeleiding.

9.06 17:00—20:00 > The Space Lady
The Space Lady

The "outsider musician" label was created with her: Susan Dietrich, better known as The Space Lady, possibly the best known synonymous and feminine to Moondog; Susan began her career in the 80s, just when she began busking on the sidewalks of Boston dressed exuberantly, sending messages of love and pacifism, accompanied by an accordion and making versions of some contemporary pop hits or classics of that time.

10 years later she moved to one of the cradles of America's idealistic without prejudice: San Francisco. There she purchased a Casio piano, some effects and a microphone with which she managed to raise to a new level the street musical proposal of the area, and give to her speech a unique personality. Her legend began taking some awareness in the past decade, when in 2000 Irwin Chusid included her in the compilation "Songs In The Key Of Z" dedicated to such extravagant and unknown figures like the Space Lady.

WEIRD DUST (Brussels, BE)

Heavy cosmic electronics, soundtracks for a post apocalyptic dream, and 'shake your ass' rythms. Weird Dust is the solo project of ‘Weird (Dust) Mike,’ one half of the psychedelic duo TAV EXOTIC (Weird Dust & Bear Bones, Lay Low). Mind bending synths drawing on a variety of influences from the darkest recesses of the Belgian underground.


A mangle of early break dance classics, disco juice, primal house, fried toasts and synth slabs.

Damage add: 8 euro
Members add: 5 euro

26.05-4.06 16:00—19:00 > X.perience an exhibition in Space
X.perience an exhibition in Space
This is a private event! Please fill in your name to become a part of our community and register for the event::

รђ๏гt เภtг๏๔ยςtเ๏ภ

We've been uploading, downloading, sharing and communicating online and it's time for smth new. X.perience deals with this next step. Yes, it's that time of the year and we're super stoked presenting you a selection of internationally acclaimed and young and upcoming artists from all over Europe and beyond. In essense I research new phenomenon in art which relate to social issues or anything for that matter that suffers from stereotypical views nowadays. We try to free the exhibition from its neo-liberal convention by questioning the core function of the exhibition.Is the exhibition an artwork on itself? Is a changing world having an effect on art?... It seems more likely that the artworld is not so much made out of exhibitions in a conventional sense seen but tends to transgress toward smth bigger, smth more profound. Therefore the characteristics of an exhibition can be revissited in a way that not only serves the function of portraying artworks but also offers a view as an overall context which in itself plays a role more fitting within todays transcending mindset. Experience a new exhibition that deliberatelly is dealing with an open idiosyncratic. But on the inside, the origins lay connected toward social tendensies of today. Neo Liberalism and its pseudo competitive ideology are beeing recontemplated as we speak by more and more people and therefore the artist aswell. People start detaching from mass consumption and start questioning conventions from their immediate/global surrounding. Conventions within society on the one hand but on the other hand within art are beeing consciously used, reworked and annalised and serve as basecoats for their oeuvre. This exhibition offers a metaphysical view and most artists will be there to talk about their work. Come and see how different internationally acclaimed artists selected, explore new worlds stimulated by a not so impossible utopia driven by technology, ecology, software but more so offering a view on our search to contemplate and capture our future in time and space.


Emiliano Aversa:
Aurelie Bayad:
Charlotte Beaudry:
Fabian Bredt:
Pierre Clement:
Go Che:
Boris De Beijer:
Heleen DC: -
Alexis De Vos: -
Olga fedorova:
Sam Gunst: -
Anton Hewitt:
Bex ilsley:
Matthijs Kimpe:
Laura Lemaitre:
Martijn Petrus:
Denie Put:
Kristel Saan:
Rashid Uri:
Elisabeth Van Dam:
Van der Borght Bjornus: -
Daniel Van Straalen:
Vyvy Zwevenepoel:



Cindy Lee:

Ice Cream: (live/touring Europe)
Amanda Crist and Carlin Bezic form a wave based band that at first reminds of 80's no wave, lizzy mercier and is heavily bass guitar oriented. They deffinitelly know to trancend that 80s sound into a contemporary sound. Check out their video represented by Vice mag and much more below.

Scott Hardware: (Live/touring with Amanda Crist-Ice Cream)
Scott and Amanda Crist/Carlin Bezic are touring as both rising stars of the Toronto dancescene, Europe together yet both having a destinct different sound. Scott definitelly takes more toward the house scene. Lets all just come together.

Dolly Bing Bing + Alien Observer: (live/premiere)
Dolly Bing Bing is a glamorous alien popstar created and impersonated by artist/dancer Elisabeth Van Dam. Dolly Bing Bing is an ancient athlete made from the rocks of the future. Dolly’s music is created in collaboration with multi-talented composer/producer Alien Observer (Laurens Mariën, NEIN, ex-Soldier’s Heart). Together they aspire to shape ‘the trippy soundtrack of a beautiful metaphysical future’, melting r&b, rap and experimental electronics with lyrical pop, philosophy and poetry. Dolly and Alien Observer will present their first two tracks ‘Born Twice’ and ‘Brilliant Bitches’ in an experimental performance seen as a micro-Gesamtkunstwerk. Thinking from the darkness of the female ‘hard core’, with her glossy face, open soul and flaming tenderness, Dolly inspires women to be sexual, powerful and cool, yet loving, transformative and soft. As a living sculpture, with her hyper trained body and super toned muscles, and as a bad-ass post-apocalypse bitch, Dolly reaches beyond the limits of human life into the animal, digital, hybrid, enhanced and heavenly.

+ dj Tommy Toch


Club Mayz - Official Album Release Party

Club Mayz - Live! (Matthias Yzebaert / Club Void)
THE FRANK-s (PingWing / Dj Set)
+ more tba ...

Entrance performances = 5€


Check out the link below for more on events happening 28/05


Bands curated by GAZE

Night Stalker: (dj set)
Bram van Cauteren is busy as fuck, that we already know but his new project which he does with a live drummer is amazing. In true synthwave style he offers merch, cassettes, weird packs all that. We're stoked having him over.

Joost Van Duppen will introduce us to the urban noise of New Port City. After daytime rumour fades away, only electrical hum and resonating frequencies remain.

Ambient // Soundscape // Live Electronics

Arrived at downtown New Port City, we enter a shady club when Real Trvth just stepped on stage. He provides a synth heavy soundtrack with upbeat melodies and trap rhythms.

Rave // Synths // Psychedelic

here all the info on other bands aswell.. def a must see: <3


Elektra Radikal
Van der Borght Bjornus
Void Kohl


The exhibition opens friday 26th at 18h, saturday 27th at 16h, sunday 28th at 14h, monday and tuesday closed, wednesday and thursday open from 14h till 20h. Friday 02/06 from 16h, Saturday 03/06 from 16h and sunday from 14h till 21h. A day w/o an endtime provided means there will be an event connected to that day.

The exhibition is free to enter even during payed events.

Doors during events open at 19h unless stated otherwise.


2.06 17:00—22:00 > New Port City ft. Real Trvth & NightStalker & Joost Van Duppen
New Port City ft. Real Trvth & NightStalker & Joost Van Duppen
Wander around in the streets of New Port City, a fictional metropolis populated by cyborgs and cybernetic-augmented humans.

Joost Van Duppen will introduce us to the urban noise of New Port City. After daytime rumour fades away, only electrical hum and resonating frequencies remain.

Ambient // Soundscape // Live Electronics

When acclimatised to our new environment, NightStalker will be our Uber driver on the fly-overs of the city’s neon-lightened highways. His forthcoming album 'Elysium' on the radio.

Synthwave // Soundtrack // Dystopian

Arrived at downtown New Port City, we enter a shady club when Real Trvth just stepped on stage. He provides a synth heavy soundtrack with upbeat melodies and trap rhythms.

Rave // Synths // Psychedelic

Part of closing weekend of X.perience an exhibition in Space @ In De Ruimte
Doors 19:00
City Tour Pass: 4
City Tour Guide: Icy Fake

31.05 16:00—17:30 > Yoga-tekensessie
In deze sessie verenigen we het lichaam en de geest met de tekenkunst. Startend met het lichaam, die gedurende een uurtje verschillende houdingen zal aannemen, wordt er geleidelijk aan een harmonie met de geest gecreëerd. Met een focus op de ademhaling komt men dieper in de houdingen en nemen de transities plaats. Zowel deze statische als dynamische houdingen vormen de basis van deze tekensessie.

Door yogaprincipes te vertalen naar tekenen ontstaat een boeiend tekenproces. Met je geest registreer je, zonder oordeel.

Je kan opteren voor een combinatie tussen het tekenen en de yoga-sessie. Het is evenwel mogelijk om één van beiden te kiezen.

- yoga: matje !
- tekensessie > eigen materiaal: houtskool, potloden, schetspapier of tekenblok

Kosten: Vrije bijdrage

Max. Aantal deelnemers 25.

Deze sessie gebeurt onder professionele begeleiding.

26.05-27.05 18:00—01:00 > Ice Cream, Scott Hardware, Cindy Lee
Ice Cream, Scott Hardware, Cindy Lee
This is a private event! Please register if you want to attend:
No registration = No entrance

20.30 Cindy Lee
21.15 Scott Hardware
22.15 Ice Cream
23.00 DJ Tommytoch

Toronto in Gent for one evening!

♫ ICE CREAM ♫ (with member of U.S. Girls)


♫ CINDY LEE ♫ (ex-Women)

+ afterparty with DJ Tommytoch (STROOM)

25.05 17:00—20:00 > Literaire Schurft #9: Pallaksch
Literaire Schurft #9: Pallaksch

Inkom: €3 // voor leden GRATIS
Aanvang om 19u
Locatie: In De Ruimte – Fransevaart 28, 9000 Gent
Tickets en reservatie via

Eigenlijk is elke tekst een greep naar het absurde. Elke zin, elk woord en elke letter probeert om het onvatbare onwrikbaar vast te leggen: de taal, en via die taal de werkelijkheid. Maar tussen de letters bevindt zich iets ruws, iets dat zich wil loswringen van het papier. Die onvatbaarheid laten we voortwoekeren op Literaire Schurft #9: Pallaksch.

Op 25 mei organiseren we bij In De Ruimte een avond vol spraakverwarring met Lies Gallez, Adina Balatova & Sebastian Schulte, de performance In Uiterste Staat (Frederik Lucien De Laere, Louise Raes, Els Deceukelier) en de balkan-beats van Radio Barbã Orchestra!

21.05 18:00—21:30 > Cosmic Slime Nite #3 SURF CURSE + KIEFF
Cosmic Slime Nite #3 SURF CURSE + KIEFF

!! come dance with the creep club !! one last slime before summer !!

♫ Surf Curse (USA)
Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck started Surf Curse in a basement in Reno, Nevada before moving to Los Angeles. They became part of the DIY scene anchored by internationally-renowned venue The Smell, eventually linking up with likeminded groups like Girlpool, The Garden, and Slow Hollows. The boys broke out with 2013’s Buds LP and Sad Boys EP. Their new album Nothing Yet marks a significant step forward from a group that has grown older, more mature, and more effective as songwriters.

Their first demo, Kieff Richards, came out in February 2016 and hits you just like a rolling stone. These three youngsters will warm your hearts with their carefree lo-fi noisepop.

This is a private event but you just have to register here if you wanna come:

We can't really let you in unless you register so please do:)))) And send us a message for some cheap ass presale tickets for five euros!! At the door it's seven, so you can save two euros if you buy presale! And that means that you can have one drink extra at the show, or buy a jojo or something else really cool.

xxxx can't wait to see all of you xxxx

doors 20:00
tickets €5 (vvk) / €7 (adk)

In De Ruimte
Fransevaart 28
9000 Gent

13.05-14.05 17:00—00:00 > I.T. > Jooklo Zappa, Anne F Jacques, Tim Olive
I.T. > Jooklo Zappa, Anne F Jacques, Tim Olive
This is a private event! Please fill in your name to become a part of our community and register for the event::

No registration = No entrance


Jooklo Zappa::: Are they realy descending from the most-high? Those who live on clouds can only look up towards those on some thrones. Those who got their bread mangled with peanut butter will give you twisted nerves and boggle your psycho-somatic nature(above nurture) with like minded frenzies as a way of intensifying your immuno-strategic tendencies, not just... another cup of tea with Ornete.

Anne F Jacques::: Scratches more then the edges of music concrete, escaping from the particular she draws onto the immediate. Keeping it real has never been more immensely and nothing like non-immersive nails inside many heads, not just another way of buttoning your shirt... what a grace, what a style.

Tim Olive::: This guy goes gently and deeper into analog warmth with the help of cosy anti-trash wobble's. All pretty clean it seems, more real it is. Cutting up straight lines of no drama into fragmented curiosities. Stranger than paradise is not another night on earth.


4.05-6.05 17:00—16:00 > Möven Pick Hotel * * * * *
Möven Pick Hotel * * * * *

Vernissage = 4 Mei: 19u -
5 - 6 Mei : 13u - 18u


Moven Pick Hotel is een groepstentoonstelling die Begin mei zal plaatsvinden In De Ruimte te Gent van 4 tot 6 Mei. De tentoonstelling is vernoemd naar een chique vijf-sterren hotel in Afrika. Alle vijf de kunstenaars delen binnen hun eigen medium-gaande van tweedimensionale kunst tot installatiekunst-een interesse voor elementen uit een decadente esthetiek. Maar stellen dit elk op hun eigen manier ook in vraag.

Kort samengevat houdt deze tentoonstelling een genereuze mix in van thematieken en stijlen: van cartoonsek tot minimalistisch, organisch tegenover architecturale elementen, van machtsconcept tot pure absurditeit. Onze werken verschillen dus sterk van vorm en inhoud, ieder van ons bouwt aan zijn eigen voorsellingswereld, toch willen we deze persoonlijke fascinaties bij elkaar brengen en kijken welke nieuwe associaties hieruit kunnen onstaan.

Felix Baele (schilder)
Tine Deboelpaep (beeldhouwer)
Liesbeth Henderickx (beeldhouwer
Alexandre de Longueville (fotograaf)
Roeland van Trigt (beeldhouwer)

28.04-29.04 18:00—03:00 > And i cry if i want to
And i cry if i want to
SOSCASTOA presents an evening with

21h ► Sien Vanmaele, Jason Dousselaere
Hope she was worth it. De opera.
23h ► KOO X NATCHE (Hosted by Kim Berly)

20h - 21h : RICHARD FROST
00h - 01h : KIM BERLY
01h - 05h : WIJ

+ pancakes for our 5th birthday !

In De Ruimte - Fransevaart 28, Gent
met steun van de stad Gent

25.04 17:00—23:00 > I.T. > SHHH, Sjoerd & Oscar
I.T. > SHHH, Sjoerd & Oscar
*(in no pre-order)

Her Own Work.

Expect diary pages being stripped allongside no-diuretic dairy issues: poppy lo-fi, true!, love.
she is your bardic dream, from your loft 'till gym.
In Excelsis-Neo she is the one to come.

Is looking back on five years of experimenting and DIY releasing.

Especially for you 'n ours:
he performs a series of collage pieces. These are constructed with samples taken of his own work and present an abstract take on his more regular beat focussed output.

Impro with tenori-on, toy piano, computer data recorder and voice

Comfortably dystopian improvised music with the notorious Japanese instrument tenori-on ( 'on-the-hand' in Japanese), a found toy piano and self baked software. Tunings and scales change in breathtaking tempi, the signal-to-noise ratio is inverted and just for a moment the invisible data streams become tangible.

AND yeah, more to be lost & found:::

(Be Quiet for Our Neighbour(hood))

20.04 18:00—21:30 > Qujaku en The Contact High
Qujaku en The Contact High
QUJAKU (Jap) De fantastische Japanse band Qujaku speelt duistere psychedelica met ballen of shoegaze met een vleugje post-rock. Dé ontdekking van 2016 gingen samen met Bo Ningen op tournee. Dit is echt wel een band dat je moet zien ,volgens de Japanse traditie, dus altijd met een stevige hoek af !

THE CONTACT HIGH (UK) Psychedelic garage rock band uit Wales.

6 euro add

14.04-16.04 17:00—16:00 > Yours Sincerely
Yours Sincerely
14 april
>>> Opening met performances vanaf 19u00

*** Line-up *** vrijdag 14 April

< 20u00 > Performance van Janes Zeghers
< 20u30 > Audio performance van Amber Meulenijzer
< 21u00 > "SESSION(X)" van Mathilde Strijdonk en Patrick Housen

15 en 16 april
>>> Open van 14 tot 18u

Met werk van:

Lies Van Damme
Suzanne De Baene
Mira de Boose
Julie Daems
Ann Decaestecker
Seppe Decubber
Rachel Gruijters
Alexandra Jacquet
Amber Meulenijzer
Naomi Ryckewaert
Patrick Housen
Mona Schietekat
Mathilde Strijdonk
Rachel Strijdonk
Carmine de Swerts
Louisa Vanderhaegen
Janes Zeghers

YOURS SINCERELY nodigt enkele kunstenaars uit werk te presenteren die zij in connectie brengen met sterke eerlijkheid en kwetsbaarheid. Onder de verscheidene werken zijn er work-in-progress stukken en afgeronde stukken. YOURS SINCERELY creëert een ruimte waar deze artiesten en hun werk het publiek kunnen ontmoeten met een eerlijke en persoonlijke benadering.

YOURS SINCERELY is georganiseerd en gecureerd door Rachel en Mathilde Strijdonk.

Met dank aan: In De Ruimte en Campo Victoria
Contact :

8.04-9.04 11:00—16:00 > Zine Happening III
Zine Happening III
The third installment of our Zine Happening!
This time even more FREE AND FUN, FUN FOR FREE


- workshops on bookbinding & stereotypes in comics
- the cosiest zine fair around
- the yummiest vegan cakes by Madam Bakster, the guiltfree bakery
- the hottest vegan dogs by us (with sausages by Vedge)
- fairtrade drinks
- book launch + expo "Manet's Diner" by Jana Vasiljević ( Vite*
- after party*

*both at In De Ruimte on Saturday evening, from 8PM onwards


8.04-9.04 18:00—01:00 > Zine Happening III: expo Manet's Diner + after party
Zine Happening III: expo Manet's Diner + after party
For our third edition of Zine Happening we proudly present
From 8PM: Expo + book release Manet's Diner by Jana Vasiljević x Vite
From 10PM AFTERPARTY with ♫ Tommytoch ♫

FREE but please reserve your tickets through the ticket link!

Huge thanks to In De Ruimte :^ )

7.04 18:30—23:00 > TRANSPORT_∈n∈rgi∈

'Research, support and presentation
of the sonic symbiosis of experimentation
and captured dancefloor motion'


07.04.17 — 20:30

6.04 17:00—23:00 > I.T. > Daniel Bachman, Bram Devens, Putjuk
I.T. > Daniel Bachman, Bram Devens, Putjuk
THE one and only, DANIEL BACHMAN, straight from some riverside West-Virginia(take tobacco)(overseas), picks with fingers, from dusk till dawn.!!! Is that what you call a traditionalisttist?

ANDother: BRAM DEVENS aka 47: Ignatz..., rolling that rock since the earth was purple-green. Deep listening for you 'n ours. Joy-Brut!

PUTJUK: Assembled Rock Partners. Dandy-Crash with no pony-tails.
(also: their first performance ever).


25.03-2.04 18:00—16:00 > De Biënnale Van België
De Biënnale Van België

25.03 — 02.04.2017

Festival van Belgische hedendaagse kunst
Festival d'art contemporain belge
Belgisches Festival für zeitgenössische Kunst
Festival of Belgian contemporary art


25.03 — OPENING

26.03 — 18:00 ARTCINEMA OFFoff
(HENRI STORCK, Op Den Boorden van de Kamera, 10’, 1932, 16mm, zw/w, sil.
PHILIPPE VAN SNICK, Richtingen, 16’, 1978, 8mm naar video.
PETER DOWNSBROUGH, AND, 2’39, 2014, digitaal, zw/w.
WIM CATRYSSE, MSR, 14', 2012, digitaal.
BENJAMIN VERHOEVEN, Somebody was trying to kill somebody else, 6’, 2014, digitaal.
ANOUK DE CLERCK, Atlas, 6’, 2016, 16mm, zw/w.

PERFORMANCE 40' (Forty Minutes): ALEXANDER VERKENS (video) & FILIP GHEYSEN (live music)

27.03 — 29.03 EXPO

31.03 — EXPO

01.04 — THE END

EXPO: 25.03 — 02.04 (11:00 — 18:00)


9000 GENT

30.03 18:00—21:30 > CSN#2 Iguana Death Cult, MOAR & Undskyld
CSN#2 Iguana Death Cult, MOAR & Undskyld
Time to get slimey again! See y'all in space on the 30th of March xxx

Holland's hyper psycho rock 'n roll machine will present their debut album The First Stirrings of Hideous Insect Life, out February 16th on their own label Amphibian Records! So good we're seeing stars already.

♫ MOAR (Antwerp, BE)
A lot of noise, a lot of fun. Probably hailing from another solar system, these three creatures make fuzzy lo-fi garage rock you can't stand still to.

♫ UNDSKYLD (Antwerp, BE)
Undskyld brings solid songs as well as live improvisational fragments and soundscapes. The band was formed by Alec De Bruyn. He drew inspiration from odd jazz, aggressive post-punk and poetic folk musicians and finally landed on a three piece band with Menno Buggenhout and Egon Loosveldt, making its way through waves of krautrock, grunge and psychedelic jazz-rock.

fransevaart 28
30.03.2017 20:00
8€ (lidmaatschap creep club)

2.03-3.03 18:30—00:00 > Adamn Killa & Killavesi - In De Ruimte
Adamn Killa & Killavesi - In De Ruimte
GAZE curates promising artists from the digital age.

Adamn Killa (US)
20-year-old rapper out of Chicago’s South Side with his first name tattooed on his forehead, his girl’s on his neck, and a nonchalant near-whispering rapping flow. On last year's Back-2-Ballin mixtape, Adamn Killa found his trademark sound, combining a somnolent style with poppy energy. He already collaborated with Yung Lean, Bladee, Shlohmo and recently also Ryan Hemsworth for the uplifting Commas track. As part of his first European tour the rapper will play in Ghent, next to stops at Bala Club in London and Progress Bar in Amsterdam. -

Killavesi (US)
Associated with the popular Bala Club collective, Killavesi’s name and voice may already sound familiar. However, backed by partner-in-life-and-work Adamn Killa, 2017 might be the ultimate breakthrough year for Killavesi. The Chicago rapper with the recognizable pink hair colour, formerly in a duo with Nina Tech, is now making a career for her own. She has a distinct style of rapping characterized by autotune, mumbling and a good sense of rhythm, spit over stunning productions from the likes of h!tkidd, Hi Tom and others. She often sounds almost annoyed, marking the imminent influence of professional sad boys Yung Lean and Uli K. Still, with catchy hooks and melancholic verses, she grabs the gaze of the Instagram generation like no one else. Check out her just released Run & Hide debut mixtape. -

Support by Nightshop (BE)

Hosted by Icy Fake (BE)

In de Ruimte, Fransevaart 28, 9050 Gent

24.02-26.02 18:00—17:00 > Double Date
Double Date
Vier mensen ontmoeten elkaar in de ruimte.

Nora De Decker | Maya Strobbe
Bjorn Pauwels | Stan D’Haene

19u vernissage
21u FÄR

11u - 18u

12u - 18u

en en

12u - 18u

7.02 19:00—22:00 > Couteau Latex ft. Seth Sutton + Dragster
Couteau Latex ft. Seth Sutton + Dragster
Couteau Latex

Vroeger hadden we Useless Eaters op bezoek, Seth Sutton de frontman van de band keerde San Fransico de rug toe, bleef in Europa hangen, vond een lief in Zwitserland en keert nu terug naar België.
Zijn lief Lise Sutter speelde in december nog in 't krawietel met The Staches die ook getekend zijn op het label van White Fang, Gnartapes.
Het duo speelt iets tussen minimal synth en electropunk.

Ingang : kan op vertoon van een vers aangekochte pandapin ter waarde van 5 euro die jou tevens lid maakt van onze HHG ofte HippieHipsterGang© van Purple Panda.

4.02 19:30—22:55 > KRAAK's New Year's Snifter: Yersinia Pestis / Aymeric de Tapol
KRAAK's New Year's Snifter: Yersinia Pestis / Aymeric de Tapol
According to Wikipedia, YERSINIA PESTIS is a dirty disease. According to the Brussels underground it’s a young Brussels band. They bastardardize Black Metal, Psychobilly and other fertile styles which flourish like fungae in cellars. The band calls it Death Wave, which could be, with its razorsharp fuzz, fistpimping drums and creepy vocals, the morbid brother of Crap Wave.

AYMERIC DE TAPOL is a versatile French sound artist, noiser and modular synth freak that once got lost in Brussels. Nowadays you can call him one of the cities hidden gems. His most recent concerts and records (Lexi Disque, VLEK a.o.) show a grown up skater that is freely steeple chasing between technoise, power drones, French poptunes, sound art and analogue synth weirdness.

☛ DJs Hnos. González

7.01 19:00—22:00 > RO, F1k & Fyoelk in space.
RO, F1k & Fyoelk in space.
Ro & F1k & Fyoelk & DJs

RO (Copenhagen, DK)
Chris Shields´ fluid ceramic patchwork. Balancing a fine line between ultra rhythm and the opposite, Shields toggles between extremely non-musical and string composition, computer music, field recording, custom homemade modular synth and mixer. Formerly active as Marcel Du Swamp, collaborator with Carly Ptak of Nautical Almanac in Fountain Of Youth.

"High energy 100% live! I've seen actual sweat drip from the ceiling watching New York City based F1k rip and thrill audience, the touch of an absolute natural on rig of homemade and unidentifiable devices." Reece Cox's practice ranges from performance in clubs and underground music venues to gallery installation. Under a variety of monikers he has explored many styles and approaches to sound all driven by a ceaseless fascination with the effect of focused sensory input on the body.

FYOELK (Antwerpen)
One half of experimental techno duo Laser Poodle, Antwerp resident Fyoelk has been making music by his lonesome going back to 2006. Elasticated machine dance music pulling ping pong rhythms, syncopated synths and outer limits electronics together into a ravelled whole. His 12" EP "Klaus" is out on Amsterdam's Rush Hour affiliate No Label.

+ on the wheels of steel:
ZOOT RUF SKI (Antwerp, Destination Earth)

dem diced wiseness.

31.12-1.01 22:30—08:00 > Feeest
👌 Niiice.



Our cozy underground new year event,
by Club Void and In De Ruimte

Feeest music,
by Club Mayz, Bruno C, Meneer Plezier, One Man Party and live act by WWWater

Feeest deco by Other Robots
in 2 spaces (1 dance, 1 chill out)

Probably some cocktails and such
Also, Limited capacity!!!

It’s all good

17.12-18.12 19:00—01:00 > Girls go BOOM Launch Ghent
Girls go BOOM Launch Ghent
Since the origin of rock in the fifties, the music industry has very much been a boys’ club. You’re probably tired, aren’t you?

Let the girls take over.

Girls go BOOM is girls putting girls on stage. And we’re throwing a launch party the only way we know how to. With a bang.


Piquet (BE)
Dream Nails (UK)

Slam poetry by Hannah Maes (BE)
Short film screenings

Tickets 8 euro at the door
Doors open at 20h00.



Sleazy garagepunk out Groningen. With three girls. O my, did you even know that our small girly hands could hold guitars? You'll sure know after OOO punk out on stage.


Piquet is a Belgian experimental pop band with transoceanic vocals. Intimate when needed, but not at all afraid of a bit of punk and eastern psychedelics. The band fronted by Lien Moris is something completely out of the box. Her voice has a hypnotic quality to it, her Dutch lyrics have a strange effect… but in a good way. Piquet is stubborn, unruly and determined to leave you behind with your bottom lip pressed to your belly button.


Dream Nails are DIY punk witches from London. Described as “The Ramones meets Bikini Kill”, this feminist foursome are renowned for their riotous live shows, enjoying “semi-legendary status on the London gig circuit”. They headlined the Sisterhood stage at Glastonbury Festival 2016 and have been lauded by Dazed & Confused for having "a political push that’ll send any audience member reeling". Dream Nails’ DIY-powered energy is contagious and is sure to make the place go BOOM.


You’re a boy and worried you’re not allowed at Girls go BOOM? Chill out. Men are allowed, it’s just not about you for once.

16.12 18:00—22:55 > ATLAS - BLUSH Release show w/Mont-Doré/ESLLY/Mountains To Move
ATLAS - BLUSH Release show w/Mont-Doré/ESLLY/Mountains To Move
Finally the day has come! We are celebrating the official release our full album BLUSH. No better way to do this than throwing a party!


Mountains To Move

Every Stranger Looks Like You




DOORS 19.00
19.30 Mountains To Move
20.30 Mont-Doré
21.30 ESLLY
22.30 ATLAS



In De Ruimte // Franse Vaart 29, Gent

2.12-12.12 19:00—21:00 > Vossen in de bossen
Vossen in de bossen

(Après M.B)

In De Ruimte
Pieter De Clercq
Natasja Mabesoone

Vrijdag 2 december: vernissage
Zaterdag 3 december vanaf 20u optredens van:

- R.O.T.
- De Lijsters
- Club Mayz (live try-out)

de expo loopt tot zondag 11 december,
open op: vrijdag: 19u - 22u
zaterdag: 14u - 22u
zondag: 15u - 20u

9.12 18:30—21:00 > Noah Punkt‘s Random Words
Noah Punkt‘s Random Words
Noah Punkt‘s Random Words is a blurry journey on surfaces and harmonies. A try on a wayward reflection on composing and constructing a musical surface pattern design. The four musicians create an organic and boundless consonance right at the very moment. Composition and improvisation blend into a colourful world between impressionism, expressionism and minimalism.

Gustav Geißler / Alto Saxophone
Luke Strange / Trumpet
Noah Punkt / Bass, Composition
Johannes Ziemann / Drums




noah punkt
improviser /// composer /// educator

8.12-9.12 18:00—00:00 > Įvorėn Tøręn_IDR: 'a song of songs'
Įvorėn Tøręn_IDR: 'a song of songs'
* Jonas Vanhullebusch & Carlos Alfonso:

Composition with two tables # 1: constructing, deconstructing and reconstructing the letter "M".
A recapitulation of previous encounters in their first public performance.

* Arnaud Paquotte + jo caimo:
Must See! Must Feel! Be There!

* Festoen(work in progress):
Festoen is a project from Linde Carrijn en Laura Vroom, both graduated at KASK Drama.
They took painting as a point of departure for them to research the fluent line between abstraction and anecdotic.

* Sun Color:
Please don’t go check, it’s not safe to look directly at the Sun with your unprotected eyes. From our perspective it does look a little yellow, especially after sunrise or shortly before sunset,But don’t be fooled.If you could travel into space and look at the Sun without going blind, you’d find that it’s actually white, and not yellow.Using a prism, you can see how sunlight can be broken up into the spectrum of its colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. When you mix all those colors together, you get white.Here’s the strange part.If look at all the photons coming in, our star is actually sending the most photons in the green portion of the spectrum,Our Sun appears yellow to us because of the atmosphere.Photons in the higher end of the spectrum – blue, indigo and violet – are more likely to be scattered away, while the lower end of the spectrum – red, orange and yellow – are less easily scattered.
When the Sun is close to the horizon, you’re seeing it distorted by more of the Earth’s atmosphere, scattering away the bluer photons and making it appear red.
When there’s smoke and pollution in the air, it enhances the effect and it will look even redder.
If the Sun is high in the sky, where it has the least amount of atmospheric interference, it will appear more blue.
We’re so familiar with the Sun being yellowish-orange, that astronomers will artificially change the color of their images to look more yellowy.
But really, the Sun looks like a pure white ball – especially when you’re out in de ruimte.

* Stephen Monning:
Former 'Pi Is A Lie' shifting from sound to imagery, in his own words
'The only thing I have is this audio reactive in the Critter & Guitari B&W Videoscope so I was planning on gooey video feedback most of the night. I can capture some video when I get home on friday though. If they would like more "synth" style stuff...'

* "de neus"

++++++ surprises

26.11 18:30—21:00 > Cosmic Slime Nite #1 The Homesick & Roda Lits
Cosmic Slime Nite #1 The Homesick & Roda Lits
We're over the moon to present the first Cosmic Slime Nite! On November 26th, we'll be going to space with the boys from The Homesick and Roda Lits. Don't miss out on this one!

Dokkum's finest are coming to Ghent, yay! This kultnoise, dreampunk, psych-pop formation is out of this world, so stop wasting the wifi and just come & check them out.

♫ RODA LITS (Antwerp, BE)
Formed in 2015, these rising stars play fuzzy garage rock that will blow your mind.

26.11.2016 20:00
€4 (free donation)
Come join the creep club!
Artwork by Maria Antchougova

19.11-20.11 00:00—08:00 > Maker City - space edition
Maker City - space edition
Voor deze gelegenheid smijten we alle deuren open. De ateliers presenteren hun werk, aanvullend met het werk van invités. Dé makersmarkt van Ledeberg! Kom hangen met ons!


- Zaterdag open vanaf 10 u
- Zondag open vanaf 10 u
- Crafts & design, food and music

Open ateliers met:

mmmMAR, grafische vormgeving & zeefdruk
Ambet Manalo, ontwerper-meubelmaker
Houtbaar, workshops ambachtelijke houtbewerking
Lutherie Sur Mesure, instrumentenbouwers
Riemer van Dalen, ontwerper-meubelmaker
Oscar Heuberger, ontwerper-meubelmaker
Stockout, meubelmakers
Marijn Dionys, ontwerper-meubelmaker

Opening Camping Penrose zeefdrukkerij
Chez William, zeefdruk
XOX, zeefdruk
1steVERDIEP, grafisch ontwerp/uitgeverij
EURO2OOO, contemporary sound label

- Edeplast, juwelenontwerper
- Mosman, micro landscaper
- Musi

18.11 19:00—22:59 > John Ghost
John Ghost
John Ghost is a musical project by guitar-composer Jo De Geest. Their music shows influences from modal and free jazz as well as contemporary classical and progressive rock music. The compositions create a cinematic atmosphere which alternates with parts of conventional groove, and are linked together and broken up by focused improvisation pieces.

The band started in 2010 as a school project and got selected for the prestigious competition of the Ghent Jazz festival. In 2013 they finished their first EP and a year later they won the contest of “Muziekmozaïek” in the category of Jazz. Last year the band played in the finale of the second Storm!-contest (Ostend) and in November 2015 they confined themselves to the recording studio. Their first full album For A Year They Slept was released on 9 April 2016 and is unanimously praised by both critics and audiences.

Jo De Geest (RaDaR) – guitar, compositions
Elias Devoldere (B.Y.J.O., Nordmann, Kabas) – drums
Karel Cuelenaere (B.Y.J.O., Trioxide) – piano
Rob Banken (4tet, Bravo Big Band, Kleptomatics, 8 o’clock Shadows) – saxophones, clarinet, flute
Wim Segers (Compro Oro, Les Croissants Belges) – vibraphone
Dries Geusens (Nordmann) - Electric bass

29.10 17:00—20:00 > Western Skies Motel / Mute Forest / yadayn
Western Skies Motel / Mute Forest / yadayn
Een Deen, een Amerikaan en een Belg zweven In De Ruimte. Klinkt als het begin van een flauwe mop, maar is eigenlijk gewoon een fijne concertavond.

Western Skies Motel is het soloproject van de Deen René Gonzàlez Schelbeck. Melancholische en filmische muziek die doet wegdromen naar eindeloze prairielandschappen. Eerder dit jaar bracht hij het erg goed onthaalde "Settlers" uit op het Amerikaanse label Lost Tribe Sound.

Mute Forest is een project van de Amerikaan Kael Smith waarin hij de raakvlakken tussen intieme folk, dromerige electronica en zijn eigen vocals verkent. Denk Helios, Hood, Benoit Pioulard als referenties. "Deforestation" werd ook uitgebracht bij Lost Tribe Sound.

Het voorprogramma wordt verzorgd door yadayn, soloproject van de Belgische gitarist Gowaart Van Den Bossche. Vorig jaar bracht hij zijn tweede plaat "Pendel" uit bij het Franse label Eilean Records.

Inkom: vrije bijdrage

20.10 17:00—20:00 > Parallax
Tijdens PARALLAX worden grenzen opgezocht en opgeschort. De artiesten op het podium werken stuk voor stuk aan kunstpraktijken die zich zeer bewust niet door één medium of discipline laten definiëren. Ze produceren teksten, beelden en geluiden die resoluut op zoek gaan naar verbinding — verbinding met politiek, filosofie, de kledingindustrie, het onderdrukte lichaam, Neanderthalers, Kim Kardashian. Voorop staan inclusiviteit, gemeenschap, intimiteit en experiment.

Crooked Waves (Gully Havoc Rec.) (GE)
Oskar May (Gully Havoc Rec.) (AT)

Ricardo Domeneck (BR)
Veva Leye (BE)
Dominique De Groen (BE)
Obe Alkema (NL)

Leila Peacock (UK)

Curated by
Arno Van Vlierberghe & Ewout De Cat

Banner & Artwork by Oskar May

13.10-16.10 17:00—14:00 > Please DON'T TAKE Pictures
Please DON'T TAKE Pictures
BRAK stands for 2 things. First there is just BRAK that stand for cloudy water and second, BRutaal, Artistieke, Koffie. A brutal way of living, that we show in an artistic way and like Coffee we need it every day. A cup of images in the morning, in the evening and for some people all day long.
Most of the things we will show circulated in a vague zone of day and night, work and play, me and friends, serious and a joke. In this cloudy atmosphere we found a lot of resemblance in our work and saw a challenge in combining this into a exhibition.
With ‘PLEASE DON’T TAKE PICTURES’ we wanna give a image of how our worlds look alike.

Come and watch:
Thursday we start at 19u30 till 22u
The evening will be filled with good vibes, performance and a lovely concert of this wunderfull canadian guy; Isaac Vallentin a great show by Summit :

Friday we start again at 19U30 till 01u
This time we will show you some dancemoves with the lovely tunes of our beloved BIBI SECK from antwerp.

Satherday and Sunday we will be there for those how want too come and have a second look or just want 2 chill from 14u till 19u

6.10-10.10 16:00—20:00 > Gert VG & Hanse Cora
Gert VG & Hanse Cora

optreden om 9u
One Man Party
Gert Van Goethem
Hanse Cora

8.10 17:30—20:00 > CHOK TOW Nation + Swingers at In De Ruimte
CHOK TOW Nation + Swingers at In De Ruimte
Our friends from SWINGERS (Mons) are coming to join us for a Postrock night @ In De Ruimte (Gand):

SWINGERS at 20:00

Who's who:

- SWINGERS joue un post-rock instrumental influencé par les pionniers du style (Mogwai, Tortoise, Slint, Explosions In The Sky, …) mais avec leur propre son et identité, nourris par diverses autres influences telles que le noise rock,le shoegaze, les bandes son de western spaghetti, le math rock, etc.

- CHOK TOW NATION is een ambient post-rock band van eigen bodem. Het kwartet vond elkaar ergens tussen Gent en Wevelgem. CTN brengt sfeervolle muzikale verhalen in de meest letterlijke zin van het woord. Opbouwende riffs leiden tot een oorverdovende explosie en gaan gepaard met intieme melodieën die niemand onberoerd laat. Dankzij duistere visuals wordt hun muziek extra in de verf gezet.
(S / T) luidt de titel van hun spiksplinternieuwe EP, spreekt tot de verbeelding en vervoert de luisteraar naar andere oorden.


23.09-25.09 16:00—20:00 > The Super Narrative @Inderuimte
The Super Narrative @Inderuimte
Short info.
The Super Narrative is an exhibition that researches the communicatory density of the image. TSN is a groupshow focussing on all mediums with the one and only goal to select work that surpasses the normal way of communication and attempts to break free into another, more metaphysical language. The Super Narrative if you may.

Short origin.
'The Super Narrative' is a concept first brought to life by Van der Borght bjornus during a research period on Post-Internet and Net-Art. It became clear that the general idea of producing artwork had shifted to a more commercial level within society and prominent artists were exploring another approach towards handling a medium. The content grew towards the representation of the new world trying to capture an idea that lots of times surpasses the usual way of communication. This metaphysical thinking found its footsteps in Dadaism, Situationism and Fluxus but it became really clear there was more to it. Artists were able to tell a story in a much broader way than what before was acustomed within the existing art scene. Conventions were thrown over board just like the consensus at that time. In this show we will focus upon 3 aspects within this contemporary phenomenon. Artworks that work with a certain narrative but in a way try to surpass and debunk them at the same time and persue even to trancegress its own content by trying to step into dialogue with its viewer. Second off we research abstraction of thought. This medium is fascinated by the reflection or intend of work generated while creating none narrative pieces mostly sculptural or as an installation but also existing solely online for instance. Social media and new age photography are 2 other consistently prominent media which became very dominant in post-internet and Net-Art because of obvious reasons like online exposure and the basic need to express ones feelings, thoughts, views etc. It may sometimes play with ephemeral subjects or so it seems at first glance. I am happy to present this show and am very motivated to talk more about the content within this show. this show might be controversial, might shock but is intended to stimulate critical thinking and tries to educate its viewer in motivating the mind on how we percieve art but also the world around us, as a global good.


- Addie Wagenknecht (Austria)

- Chaim Van Luit (NL)

- Filip Gilissen (BE)

- Indrikis Gelzis (LV)

- Jan Carlier (BE) (collected by Jan Hoet @ SMAK Ghent)

- Jonas Lund (DE)

- Josefien Cornette (BE)

- Martijn Hendriks (NL)

- Manor Grunewald (be)

- Mattie Hillock (NY)

- Momu No Es (NL/ES)

- Olga Fedorova (BE/RU)

- Ryder Ripps (NY)

- Sasha Katz (ru)

- Tom Galle (NY/BE)

- Tom Volkaert (BE)

- Van der Borght Bjornus (BE)

- Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk (NL)

- Yannick Val Gesto (BE)

Vrijdag 23 sept.....18:00
- Al Doum & the Faryds
- Aidan Baker (USA) + Karen Willems
- Arma agartha
- lectuur: Oren Tzfadia

Zaterdag 24 sept.....19:00
- DRIFT (toonmoment research week in de ruimte)

19u Yinka Kuitenbrouwer & Kirsten Mariën - Komkomkomkomkom
19u15 Leontien Allemeersch - I.II.III
19u45 Darya Gantura, Simon Vanheukelom en Mario Leko - test_drowning scene
20u15 Jolien Naeyaert & Elisa Schmitt (DUI) & Michelle Saenz Bu (MXC) - we hebben nog geen titel (dwaalpraktijk)
20u45 Maxim Storms & Linde Carrijn - (I have none)

beeldend werk van Lize Pede: itch
beeldend werk van Laura Vroom: duif
teksten van Tiemen Van Haver
teksten van Freek Mariën
tekst van Anna Carlier/De Kolifokkers: De heer Bonifakius en zijn groots levenswerk
boekvoorstelling De Schouwburg (Maxim Storms, Linde Carrijn en Simon Van Schuylenbergh)

Zondag 24 sept finnisage.....20:00
- Marc Tytgat (Kerm/Euro 2000)
- SK'P (Kerm and others)
- dj's: lil bjornus & clubby void

Visuals by Other Robots on friday and sunday


24.09 17:00—21:00 > OP DRIFT

23.09 17:00—21:59 > Al Doum & The Faryds, Arma Agharta, dj Kerm(on tape)
Al Doum & The Faryds, Arma Agharta, dj Kerm(on tape)
Line Up::::

19.15 >>> Maurizio Abate
19:45 >>> Karen Willems & Aidan Baker
20:15 >>> Dr. Oren Tzfadia
20:45 >>> Arma Agharta
21:15 >>> Al Doum & The Faryds

a night of the many and the moooore.


...agitation free jamming as a way of tuning into some cosmical polka, sometimes they sneeze(very infectious), within the known and beyond, fine guitars swirling allong flutes not just for tribal matters.
they are HOT and will tickle your inner mind for you not to forget the essentials.
some people say its like sun ra, fela kuti and amon duul.
those also say, listen for yourself...


flip-flopped crocked strolls through noisey meadows, allong surreal point-de-vues who reach further then a crows' eye.
who's the magician, the tinkerbell and the troll of no desert?


those two will keep it neat and tidy, or at least something close to a polished meshwork of rolls, strolls and no too much hops. developping the craft of beeing together. peace!


one of those deejays with a clean house and polite manners.
he will refresh your thirst for more while dancing the huula-hoop.
yes! there is still hope for the better not the worse.

i think you might hear some of those:


he's an expert in modelling evolution.
he will expand your awareness of the mystery we are (not)
he's cool as you.( like you can trust him).


Maurizio Abate is a self taught guitarist active since the early 2000s, with an instinctive approach to experimentation.
He is always looking for new forms of expression, to mould a personal shape to the blues and to psychedelic matter, mainly driven by a particular fascination for stringed instruments.



a top notch discovery in the realm of something that could be seen as 2.0.
this expo is opening up some new possibilites for the image and it's affect.
all very actual and real dense truths.
Good Stuff!!

22.07-24.07 12:00—19:00 > Inner Space (ism
Inner Space (ism
Friday_till__Sunday 14U00___21U00

Innerspace; (ĭn′ərspās)

1. A period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health

2. The expanse in which the solar system, stars, and galaxies exist; the universe in you.

3. An eternal state of communion with life; everlasting bliss.

Friday__till__Sunday 13U00___21U00
Music by
Soulfood and detox drinks by PPP
Art and Installation by Space and collaborators...

17.06-19.06 16:00—16:00 > Het is niet vast te nemen
Het is niet vast te nemen
Zes individuen maken een eigenzinnige tentoonstelling waarbij de rode draad vanuit een ‘textiele’ denkwijze wordt gesponnen.

Vanuit verscheidene disciplines hebben deze onderzoekers, kunstenaars, ontwerpers elkaar gevonden in het medium textiel. Ze gaan steeds op zoek naar interessante en vernieuwende paden.

Merel Jansen, Fie Malem, Rosaline Fiems, Lisa Barschneider, Laura Van Biervliet, Fieni De Causmaecker

18.06 16:00—19:00 > Air 001 (artist in residence)
Air 001 (artist in residence)
Elísabet Birta Sveinsdóttir is a Reykjavík based dancer and artist. She will be the first artist in residence at 'In De Ruimte' and will give a showcase/performance at the end of here stay.

Gratuated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts as a contemporary dancer in 2013. She is currently in her final year studying Fine Art at IAA. Elísabet works in a variety of mediums ranging from painting to installation, video and performance. Her work is characterized by aestetics with references in pop-culture, porn intustry and mainstream media. She has made films that have been screened at several festivals in Europe, she co-founded the project Dætur, a performance arts group focusing on new feminism, Dætur was featured at Sequences arts festival in Reykjavík 2015 and Reykjavík Dance Festival 2013. Elísabet is a part of the dance collective, Kraftverk, performed a work in Mengi, Reykjavík in 2015.

10.06-12.06 17:00—20:00 > Displaced
De 3e bachelor mediakunst wringt zich ‘in de Ruimte’ om hun werk voor te stellen.

Met werk van:
Aron Machiels || Margot Hofmans || Thomas Willemen || Jonas Debergh || Jelle Vandewiele || Frederik Poisquet || Kadri Liis Rääk

- Vrijdag 10 juni // Vernissage 17u-21u
17u vernisage
20u Performance Jelle Vandewiele - PAL
21u einde

- Zaterdag 11 juni // 14u - 21u
14u Opening
15u Jelle Vandewiele - Pal
16u Inan
17u Heisa
18u Cordyceps
19u Rik Mayhem
20u Mathlovsky
21u einde

zaterdag 11/06 vanaf 14u:
- Inan
- Heisa //
- Cordyceps // IDM
- Rik Mayhem // Experimental-IDM
- Mathlovsky //

20.05-22.05 16:00—16:00 > Les Compagnons De L'Art
Les Compagnons De L'Art
Vier schilders, vier vrienden: « Les compagnons de l’art ».
Klaas Op De Beéck
Sophie Depoortere
Simon Verougstraete
Liesbeth van heuverswijn


vrijdag 20 mei om 18 u


zaterdag 21 mei
zondag 22 mei

Telkens van 11 u tot 18 u

13.05-17.05 17:00—18:00 > We are FFFF
We are FFFF
FFFF, a collective of artists all from different walks of life, present their first show ‘We Are FFFF’ at In De Ruimte on the Friday 13th May. The exhibition is the result of a collaborative exploration of the female body and investigates each artist’s respective experience of being a woman challenged by time and space.

Over the course of the exhibition creative bodies will be invited to respond to the work and contribute to a limited edition publication, aimed to integrate the audience, which will be launched at the finissage event on Tuesday 17th May.


Brooke Carlson // Brooke Carlson is a Sydney born artist currently studying Masters of Fine Arts at LUCA School of Art. Her interdisciplinary practice investigates the physicality of the body with a particular focus on duration, bodily limitations and exhaustion.

Dorota Piencakova // Dorota Piencakova works mostly in the traditional medium of drawing and painting which she considers as the most natural way to express herself. Her collages explore childhood memories, autobiographical narratives, time, humour and the human body, especially her own, which is an inherent part of her work.

Justine Sarlat // Justine Sarlat fiddles with the dark areas of our society and the shadows that encrust and gnaw everything inside it. Born in the summer of '92 in a patriarchal society, Sarlat is currently creating stories in Ghent where it is sweet to live.

Lucy Chenery // Lucy Chenery’s work is primarily concerned with materiality, space and the sculptural body. Formality versus flux is intuitively challenged in her two and three-dimensional compositions which aim to phenomenologically affect the viewer.

Meltem Elmas // One of the key elements in Meltem Elmas’ work is the use of lost and found images in order to create original compositions and narratives. Especially through photography Elmas’ purpose is not to capture objective realities but to evoke form, emotion and memory.


Opening // 13th May // 19u00

DJ Maritiem
DJ Simon

Finissage // Tuesday 17th May // 18u00

Limited edition publication

Exhibition open 14th-17th May // 14u00 - 18u00

8.05 10:00—20:00 > SOLID_STATE @inderuimte
SOLID_STATE @inderuimte
A concept exhibition researching tendencies within digital arts.

Whilst the titel is derived from ssd or solid state drive which is your memory bank within your device it may also refer towards a more political concept. When art can be concidered as the avant-garde can we research todays avant-garde as a window for our future?
C U R A T O R selected 10 artists for this timid yet fascinating show. Come and have a look and discover more of our contemporarians views upon transgression, meta physicality, a suggested future and much much more.

Main event will be on sunday. We will do a live exhibition build up during the day on saturday till late. There will be music.

Participating artists:

-Internet Fate (usa)
-Matthijs Kimpe (be)
-Olga Fedorova (be,ru)
-Siet Rae (be,chile)
-Tom Van Den Wijngaert (be)
-UltraBianka (austria)
-Van der Borght Bjornus (be)
-Vanyard (s-korea)
-Very Mute (be)

VJ work live by OR

On Sunday between 12h and 19h at certain moments we will have an open dj booth.

Music by

17h Myrxx aka yentl
19h Clubby Void
22h dj lazerkut

7.05-8.05 12:00—17:00 > SORRYNOTSORRY - a space interference
SORRYNOTSORRY - a space interference
A Space Interference:

Bar Apollo is een mobiel ruimteschip vol muziek en healing. Een welzijnsplek voor jong en oud. Het is een plaats van verlichting en is profetisch in zijn reis over de aarde. We brengen gezonde, verse en lokale producten in combinatie met kunst en live muziek. Stress en zorgen worden verlicht, de onrustige zielen worden bevrijd en de levensgenieters gevierd!

Voor de editie van sorrynotsorry brengt bar Apollo jullie "Puur, Pur, Puro”, waarin we een nieuw licht laten schijnen op comfort food en detox pleasure. Denk aan vegetarische tapas, pittige snacks en verfrissende sapjes.

Laat het haastige leven maar smelten op de tong!


Programmatie zaterdag:

Live concert vanaf 14u::



Live Concert 19u:

Pouancé is een compositie voor strijkers, saxofoon en drums geschreven door Stijn Demuynck.

Viool: Lucas Caluwaerts, Jeroen Vernimmen
Altviool: Nicole Miller
Cello : Annemie Osborne
Contrabas : Kobe Boon en Mike Delaere
Saxofoon: Mathieu Robert
Drums en Compositie: Stijn Demuynck

Via de onderstaande link kan je hetzelfde stuk beluisteren uitgevoerd door saxofonist Leonhard Huhn (D), bassist Raphael Malfliet (B), drummer Stijn Demuynck en zangeressen Thea Soti, Mascha Corman, Taisiya Chernishova, Maika Küster, Hanna schörken, Lisa Müller.

Pouancé is a piece for strings saxophone and drums composed by Stijn Demuynck.

Musicians are:

Violin: Lucas Caluwaerts, Jeroen Vernimmen
Viola: Nicole Miller
Cello: Annemie Osborne
Double Bass: Kobe Boon en Mike Delaere
Saxophone: Mathieu Robert
Drums: Stijn Demuynck

On the link below you can listen to a preview performed by saxophonist Leonhard Huhn (D), Bassist Raphael Malfliet (B), drummer Stijn Demuynck and voices by Thea Soti, Mascha Corman, Taisiya Chernishova, Maika Küster, Hanna schörken, Lisa Müller


IJf Boullet komt een setje draaien ism STROOM!!!

Programmatie zondag: vanaf 14u::


Ruimtelijke Ingreep 001A

1.05 10:00—18:00 > WOOD IN SPACE
WOOD IN SPACE will be an sunday afternoon filled with Art & Music (Breakcore, Jungle, Idm, Glitch, Experimental, Noise, etc.)

art exhibition by DROON
- 14 years of Breakcore Gives Me Wood -

live art by Raskals Kollektiv

visual performance by Jelle Vandewiele


(experimental / breakcore / noise)

Peace Off
(jungle / idm / breaks)

¥¥ DROON ¥¥
Breakcore Gives Me Wood

Breakcore Gives Me Wood

Breakcore Gives Me Wood / Ragga Terror Front


<<<<< limited supply WOOD shirts (15€) + records + Droon posterpacks >>>>>

<< free WOOD stickers <<

Location: In De Ruimte - Ghent (Fransevaart 28)

Damage: free donation

30.04 08:00—20:00 > Atelier Tournée:: Maboel én Drift én Jimmy Ruf én Pierre Rebufy én Open Ateliers
Atelier Tournée:: Maboel én Drift én Jimmy Ruf én Pierre Rebufy én Open Ateliers
Op 30 april kunnen jullie bij ons komen chillen!

Tijdens Atelier Tournée Gent kan je 'In De Ruimte' onder andere een kijkje nemen bij Houtbaar. Een houtatelier waar je de aloude ambacht kan ervaren die ze toepassen in hun intensieve houtbewerking workshops. De houtbaar craftsmannen delen met jullie hun passie voor hout en de vormgeving ervan, via rondleiding, demonstratie en een workshop voor volwassenen. Een heuse hout ervaring dus!

Maboel:: komt een showcase geven van allerlei heerlijke, lokale én ecologische producten. Met grote trots zullen ze de Belgische jenevers hun verdiende ereplaats geven.

DRIFT: In OP DRIFT gaan enkele jonge makers de confrontatie met elkaars artistieke taal aan. Van 25 tot 30 april krijgen de kunstenaars carte blanche bij In de Ruimte om hun werk aan elkaar en een publiek te presenteren en in dialoog te laten gaan.

Het verwachte resultaat: een bonte mix van tekeningen, installaties, teksten, mini-performances en collages. Een staalkaart van jong Gents talent.
Deelnemende kunstenaars: Linde Carrijn, Jelle De Grauwe, Lize Pede, Maxim Storms, Nina Vandeweghe, Tiemen Van Haver, Reineke Van Hooreweghe, Laura Vroom.

>> OP DRIFT is een initiatief van het ontwikkelingsplatform DRIFT, dat jonge kunstenaars ondersteunt in hun artistieke en zakelijke ontwikkeling. Deze eerste editie van OP DRIFT is een kennismakingseditie voor artiesten en publiek.

En we hebben een fantastische expo van Jimmy Ruf en Pierre Rebufy :

15.04-17.04 17:00—16:00 > ALIEN
A group exhibition gathering together all the first year masters of the English Masters program at KASK school of arts. A show without university involvement or curatorial oversight.

It is now 37 years since Ridley Scott released his now classic sci-fi film 'Alien'. The future portrayed in this film, therefore is already older than any one of the artists of this exhibition.

With work by:
Alice Pelizzari
Bárbara Prada
Christian Necula
Efka Odehnalová
Elián Stolarsky
Giammarco Cugusi
Henry Andersen
Maud Gourdon
Katia Tkach
Rawiruj Saradin
Rebecca Jane Arthur
Ronny Franceschini

There will be a live DJ set by Waker during our opening night, Friday 15.04.2016 at 19:00

Further, Alien will be open 16.04.2016 & 17.04.2016 from 14:00-18:00.

26.03-27.03 13:00—19:00 > Open Ateliers (TIG4)
Open Ateliers (TIG4)
De ateliers In De Ruimte smijten de deuren open. Iedereen welkom!



Deelnemende Ateliers::


18.03-20.03 19:00—17:00 > There is something about parades
There is something about parades
Tonight: Doors Open at 8PM x Premiere of the Shortfilm at 9 pm
Followed with a performance by Stef Kamil Carlens & an Afterparty.

Last year Jan Beddegenoodts and the CAMELTOWN crew brought a flying gallery with Burning Man Photography to Europe and beyond.

)°( The shortfilm
- A metaphysical trip through the Public space with a soundtrack by Zita Swoon Group.
- trailer :

)°( Photo-exposition
The parade-performances were captured, reprinted and brought back to the Nevada dessert to close the circle. Was this the end?

Followed by an afterparty with Hotsjumenas DJ's & The Wallnut club.

Friday the 18th: 20h - doors open
Saturdat the 19th: 14h - 20h
Sunday the 20th: We invite you to join us to De Grote / La Grande Parade

...We just came for the Picture
which will exist
in your mind...

12.03-13.03 17:00—04:00 > Golden Retreat - Mexican Edition (HAPPENING)
Golden Retreat - Mexican Edition (HAPPENING)
═══ Golden Retreat - Mexican Edition ════
Playground for costume and printmaking


Los sepollocos (Gerard Herman & Joris De Rycke)
Mistacos for DJ
Los Kermos koffie (KERM)

_ Dress Room _

Burrito Soundsystem (All night)




Starts at 18h - Come early, free Dress up GOODIES

◆ Mexican FOOD : Taco Time (by Bar Apollo)
◆ LIVE : print / costume / masks / music

◆ Performance by Rudy
◆ Roly Poly - Twerkout -
- watch and learn shaking your booty
- Photobooth will be provided by Studio ça va

◆ Mexican Jungle with Pinatas & Afterparty


El Espacio
(In De Ruimte, Fransevaart 28 9000 GENT)

in samenwerking met Alles Kan en In De Ruimte

>> contact:


26.02-28.02 18:00—17:00 > SOSCASTOA ▼ DE DROOMSHOW
SOSCASTOA presents an expo with

► Haj300 / 3dg1rl
► Helena Dietrich
► Jasmijn Krol
► Leda Devoldere
► Nathalie Chambart / Azura Janssens

+ ISSUE #5 with the participation of Kasper-Jan Raeman, Godart Bakkers, Elise Debrock, Watcharita Aroon & Louisa Vanderhaegen

► FRIDAY 26.02
19:00 : opening EXPO
20:00-22:00 : image oracle / Helena Dietrich - performance
22:00 : Spaces of uncertainty / Haj300 & 3dg1rl - performance

+ PARTY with
23:00-00:30 : DJ LILILI
00:30-02:30 : FOEF DJ's
02:30-04:30 : WIJ

► SATURDAY 27.02
16:00-00:00 : expo open
17:00-19:00 : image oracle / Helena Dietrich - performance

+ Space Interference 'Belgisch Witblauw' and musical support
20:00-21:00 : undskyld
21:00-22:00: sinews

► SUNDAY 28.02
15:00-18:00 : expo open
16:00-18:00 : image oracle / Helena Dietrich - performance

+ coffee & pancakes

In De Ruimte - Fransevaart 28, Gent
met steun van de stad Gent

21.02 13:00—20:00 > Post Aerobic — the Background Edition
Post Aerobic — the Background Edition

we r researching the boundaries of the exhibition platform.
This exhibition/happening will almost intirelly evolve
around found footage, sincerity w/i art and values countered
within the artworks. We are at the spot to philosophise along
with you. It's supposed to be provocative.

15.00 — 21.00






15.01-17.01 18:00—17:00 > Wat...Meiden...Niet..Over...De...Telefoon...Kunnen...Zeggen
Een 3 daagse expo met


vrijdag 15.01 19u00 - 3u00

Live performance door

Muziek door
Het Effekt
The Owl Service
Bruno C

zaterdag 16.01 15u00 - 17u00


zondag 17.01 15u00 - 18u00


gesteund door en met leden van

18.12-20.12 18:30—19:00 > DIE SUBLIEME ESTHETICA III

DIE SUBLIEME ESTHETICA. Een inzicht in de jonge hedendaagse kunsten. We willen een groep kunstenaars uitnodigen om een werk te presenteren rond het thema ‘Die Sublieme’, een romantische term die verwijst naar het onbevattelijke van wat groots is. 'Alle dingen die, op welke manier dan ook angstaanjagend zijn of verband houden met iets verschrikkelijks, of een vergelijkbare uitwer­king hebben als angst en afschuw, zijn een bron van het sublieme’ (Burke).

18 — 20.12






11.12-13.12 17:00—20:00 > RENDERTIME_pavilion "The Wrong" New Digital Art Biennale
RENDERTIME_pavilion "The Wrong" New Digital Art Biennale
'Rendertime' is the amount of time a software program needs to digitally process code used to produce an artificial form. Can we talk abt a trancendence within contemporary art today? And when we speak of Post-Internet art do we not see the effects of information interacting on the world reflected by the artist? Is the artist becoming another type of artist than rather a bohemian with a sigaret and a pipe talking sartre and having frivolous lovelives? The answer is oc 'NO' but it is also 'myeah' but that's besides the point. What is to the point is that the internet changed our lives so therefore the consensus and in its turn the view of the artist. It is important to see a connection towards the fluxus movement and situationism. During the show we enlighten a lot of aspects within this new thinking. Most prevalent is the sort of transendence that manifests within this movement. The freedom of stepping away from creating an artwork for arts sake and therefore working with something that makes you think abt smth else than art, smth larger. Has the platform art underwent a makeshift to smth were the art platform evolved into smth more than just that and perhaps evolved towards a sort of social network with one great difference beeing by using images/sculptures/... instead of words? Is that what defines a contemporary artist these days? I don't know. The most important thing is the artwork and its dedication towards the public. As a curator these days it's important to select a level of freedom during the show. I think we succeeded in just doing that.

Rendertime is a pavilion under 'The Wrong' New Digital Art Biennale. 'The Wrong', derived from the image of debouchery the internet has, is the largest digital biennale in the world and showcases over 1100 artists online and in 70+ physical embassies worldwide.

After Howl
Ben Benaouisse
Collective unconscious 3D
Dries Depoorter
Egill Saebjornsson
Eno Swinnen
Jakup Auce
John Karel
Jonas Bers
Jura Shust
Karolien Chromiak
Kim Thissen
Le Club Superette
Lode Scheers
Matthias Yzebaert
Matthijs Kimpe
Nicolas Lamas
Olga Fedorova
Sam Gunst
Tale of Tales
Tina Cake Line
Van Der Borght Bjornus
Wannes missotten & Torri Nickmans

Opening with music and drinks @ 18h with dj Electric Bartje!

Dj: Club Mayz

EUROSUN (first ever out side livingroom performance)

Dj: DiscobarHannesDanktZijnLuisteraars

Visit our website for links and things
Publication available @ doors.

THE WRONG a pavilion @ In De Ruimte

Enter at any donation at the doors, most people give 2 bags of solid gold so yeah, just saying. PEACE!

1.12 19:00—21:15 > model sessies
model sessies
Vanaf 1 December beginnen we met sessies modeltekenen In De Ruimte.

We bieden een gezellige ruimte aan waar tekenen en naaktmodel centraal staan. De gezelligheid van het tekenen wordt versterkt door de ruimte, de juiste plaat die speelt en een smakelijk drankje van eigen bodem. We creëren telkens een prikkelende setting met modellen en objecten waarmee we het gewenste decor kunnen opbouwen. Er is geen algemene les maar een individuele begeleiding op maat voor wie wil om de toegankelijkheid voor beginners en gevorderden te garanderen.

Voor de prijs van 40 euro krijgt u de kans om 4 sessies van 2u bij ons te komen tekenen naar (ervaren) naaktmodel met professionele begeleiding in een gezellige omgeving.

Graag tot dan!

Sessie 1: 1/12 20-22u

Sessie 2: 8/12 20-22u

Sessie 3: 15/12 20-22u

Sessie 4: 22/12 20-22u

Deze workshop is beperkt tot 15 personen.

Inschrijven via

27.11-29.11 18:30—19:00 > II DIE RADIKALE ESTHETICA

27 — 29.11



(2000) MUSIC




27.10-27.11 18:00—17:00 > RUIMTELIJKE INGREEP 001

10 hedendaagse kunstenaars werden gevraagd om een werk te produceren. De kleuren die ze mochten hanteren waren, rood, groen, zwart en wit. De drager van dit werk is het klassieke 'TE KOOP'-bord, ook gekend als V-bord.

De bestaande infrastructuur dicteert, in veel gevallen, de expositieruimte. Door middel van de ruimtelijke ingreep brengen we de geëxposeerde werken naar buiten, weg uit de witte ruimte.

Deze ruimtelijke ingreep is de eerste ingreep van een reeks waarbij we, los van het conventionele veld of medium, ingrepen doen in de openbare ruimte.



21.11-22.11 15:00—19:00 > van horen zeggen
van horen zeggen
Luidkeels naïef brullen we de ruimte vol met taal en onbegrip. Evidenties zijn er om uit te roeien, verwachtingen om niet in te lossen. Spelregels vragen om een subtiele middelvinger, met een brede grijns.

--- zaterdag 21/11 ---
16:00-3:00 expo
Joris De Rycke, Felix D’Huys, Naninga Lens, Klaas Rommelaere, Renée Pevernagie, Bart Spitaels, Sibran Sampers, Sacha Eckes, Guus van der Velden, Chiara Lammens, Marianne Nagel, Gerard Herman

19:00-3:00 podium
Presentator Kevin Amse
Johannes Verschaeve, Dominique De Groen, Fikry El Azzouzi, Gerard Herman, Martijn Nelen, Wanna, Stikstof, MixMonster Menno

18:00-22:00 pizza in Denoven

--- zondag 22/11 ---
14:00-20:00 expo
muziek door Felixfezzlefelle

Zwart Wild i.s.m. In de Ruimte
Met steun van Alles Kan

15.11 13:00—17:00 > Clean Closet #3
Clean Closet #3
Voor de derde editie van Clean Closet verhuizen we naar Gent(brugge) waar we zoals altijd een aantal hippe vogels en de inhoud van hun kleerkast combineren met toffe webshops, makers en uiteraard... hapjes en drankjes!

De hapjes en drankjes worden voorzien door de boys van In De Ruimte, yay!

Flots zal aanwezig zijn met haar prachtige juweeltjes ( echt hoor, super mooi!)

Inkom: 3€

Onder de bezoekers verloten we 10 goodiebags, dus begin maar alvast te duimen...
De goodiebags worden verloot onder de bezoekers die voor 16u langskomen, op tijd zijn is dus de boodschap! Om 16u15 worden de 10 winnaars bekend gemaakt, yay!

Parking en bereikbaarheid:
In de ruimte kan je best bereiken (met de auto) via de bisschopstraat.

De Brusselsesteenweg ligt open, dus best een alternatieve route opzoeken voor je komt! ( via de hoevenierstraat of hundelgemsesteenweg)

Parkeren doe je op de parking van de Aldi (beetje voorbij In de ruimte) of bij het OTC.
(liefst niet in het straatje parkeren, voor de buren)

En oh! Vanaf 18u ben je meer dan welkom voor het optreden van Sloth Prince ( gratis inkom). Hieronder vind je meer info!

25.09-27.09 17:30—19:00 > DIE ANDERE ESTHETICA
I. DIE ANDERE ESTHETICA (25.09 — 27.09)

25.09 — 27.09






5.09-6.09 14:00—16:00 > Ghentmade
De zomereditie van deze Gentse markt gaat door in “In de Ruimte”! Maak kennis met talentvolle ontwerpers en spendeer je avond en namiddag in een gezellige en artistieke sfeer!

Ghentmade gaat door op:
zaterdag 5 september van 16h00 – 21h00
zondag 6 september van 13h00 - 18h00

zaterdagavond kan je blijven hangen voor de optredens georganiseerd door BRUISGELUID !
20h30: Milpool
21h30 Ronaldo's Girlfriend

In De Ruimte is een platform voor exposities, workshops, residenties en muziek. Daarnaast is het een werkplek voor verschillende onafhankelijke ateliers.
F r a n s e V a a r t 28
G e n t b r u g g e

//O N T W E R P E R S zaterdag//
WOLK - jewelry
Illustrationist - jewelry
Urbanize - urban homeware
Heren Loebas - illustration
Unik Surprieze - light and lamps
Ophelia lingerie - lingerie
Huiskamerportret - portret/illustration
Dodecahedron - light and lamps
Bodesigns - furniture
Lellebel - jewelry
Bohemian - tote bags
Simon and me - printscreen pillows
Mmmmar - illustration
MUSI - jewelry
Houtbaar - furniture & workshops
Hoop voor Senegal - good cause

//O N T W E R P E R S zondag//
Handmade book factory - books
Studio Basalt - furniture
Olea - cosmetics
Marthe Vanthuyne - furniture and objects
Vers Veld - illustrations/clothing/tote bags
TzwiN/ Larißa - bags
Vogel&uil - jewelry
Fleurfatale - jewelry
Flore Deman Illustratie - illustrations & tote bags
Rembert De Prez - photography
Feline De Coninck - photography
Ornament Fine Garment - Clothing
Bloos - jewelry
Ylle - knittings
MUSI - jewelry
Houtbaar - furniture & workshops

// W E G B E S C H R I J V I N G //
Met de FIETS
De aangenaamste fietsroute gaat via de Visserij...Vanaf de Oude Beestenmarkt rijd je naar het Van Eyck zwembad en in het midden van de brug van Portus Ganda begin je het brede rode fietspad te volgen tot aan het Keizerpark. In het Keizerpark steek je de tijdelijke fietsersbrug over en ga je naar rechts. Indien je vervolgens het water volgt, passeer je In De Ruimte...

Met de TRAM
Vanop Perron 4 aan de Sint-Niklaas kerk op de Korenmarkt kan je zowel tram 1, 4, 22, of 24 naar het rondpunt in Ledeberg nemen (Hundelgemsesteenweg). Deze trams passeren ook aan het Zuid. Aangekomen aan dit rondpunt, ga je vervolgens de Bisschopstraat in en even later kom je uit In De Ruimte...

Met de AUTO
Opgelet! De brug aan het Keizerpark wordt momenteel heraangelegd en kan je dus niet oversteken met de wagen! De Fransevaart is bereikbaar via de Bisschopstraat, dus je moet sowieso via het rondpunt op de Hundelgemsesteenweg rijden. Wanneer je uit het centrum komt, sla je links af onder het viaduct (in plaats van rechtdoor naar de E40 en E17 te rijden).
Parkeren kan op de parking van de Aldi. Ontwerpers kunnen in- en uitladen voor In De Ruimte, maar langdurig parkeren is moeilijk in de Fransevaart.

11.07-12.07 12:00—18:00 > + 1 : Open Ateliers/Markt
+ 1 : Open Ateliers/Markt
Voor deze gelegenheid smijten we alle deuren open. De ateliers presenteren hun werk, aanvullend met het werk van invités. Dé makersmarkt van Ledeberg, onder de begeleidende toon van enkele muzikale wonderen gaan we een feestelijk weekend tegemoet. Kom hangen met ons!


- Zaterdag open vanaf 14 u
- Zondag open vanaf 11 u, met brunch
- Crafts & design market, food and music

Hosted by: In De Ruimte, Onbetaalbaar, Stock-Out, Atelier Sur Mesure, Houtbaar, Marijke Loozen, 1ste Verdiep, GRAAF, Vrije Bijdrage, mmmMAR en Ambet Manalo.

6.03-8.03 17:00—20:00 > The Great Final
The Great Final
Opening In De Ruimte

06/03:: EXPO

*Maxim Ryckaerts ::
*Arne Bastien ::
*Tom Poelmans ::
*Kasper De Vos ::
*Charlotte Van Renterghem ::
*Sindy9050 ::


* Joe Speedboat
* Orphan Fairytale
* Friends Are Magic
* Dj Dominiek


Houtbaar // Zoë Vermeire // ONBETAALBAAR // Lutherie Sur Mesure // Mmmmar // Dionys // Stockout // Matthijs Kimpe // Ambet Manalo // The Ukulele Workshop // Evelyn Vanoverbeke // Marijke Loozen

*Steiger (jazz)

Coffee + Pancakes